Five Places Fallout Could Go

Looking at some of the possible locations for future Fallout games.

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FalloutMutant1866d ago

Scratch 1 and 4 off this list. FO will never be in another country.

Technically Canada is US in the FO universe, so a game could be set there.

It should go hmm midwest, so the game lore can be revealed, the canon endings of FO3, FO Tactics, and FONV revealed. Seeing how the MWBoS was mentioned in FO3.

So, maybe Chicago or Detroit. Or both.

CourierSix1865d ago

Totally agree. But its meant to be set in Boston.
I'd like to see California during the Brotherhood's more powerful days, or at least a lot more of the Brotherhood in FO4. What do you think of New York/Pennsylvania?

Joshy_h19861860d ago

I think they need to create more city's like megaton and rivet city I think what new Vegas missed was some of the creative settlements that was in fo3. I do realise there was new Vegas I just think it was missing a little something.