Why the PlayStation 4 Is Already In High Demand

The PlayStation 4 hasn’t even been shown off to the public yet, but already the box is on the minds of millions of people across the globe. In fact, in a recent earnings call with investors, GameStop president Tony Bartel said that his company has 900,000 people signed up for its first-to-know list on the PlayStation 4. And he expects demand to far outstrip supply of the console when it launches.

Such demand already might surprise some folks. After all, it took a long time for the PlayStation 3 to truly get off the ground and although it’ll likely end this generation with more worldwide sales than the Xbox 360, in the U.S., especially, it’s no match for Microsoft’s console.

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GalacticEmpire1802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

Following a brilliant gamer focused announcement show and considering the uncertainty surrounding the direction of the xbox brand, it's no wonder gamers are flocking to PS4.

What you have to consider is that all this buzz and excitement surrounding PS4 is even before they have shown the actual console, most of the games and even the price. It's kind of phenomenal when you think about it.

b163o11802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

Couldn't agree more, Sony's done exactly what your suppose to do when you make a mistake, they've learned, and refocus there attention on the developers, and most seem happy about it. Can't wait to see what this things gonna look like!

On the NextBox, IMO once M$ heard about the 8GB of GDDR (or whatever's it called), M$ had to make adjustments to there system. That's why there hasn't been a word or a mention about it.

Jek_Porkins1802d ago

Actually it was rumored that the PS4 would only have 6 gigs of RAM and the next Xbox had 8, so you could make the case that Sony might have done that.

I don't think one or two months is going to make a difference for Microsoft at this point, they probably already had 8 gigs, it doesn't need to be GDDR5, because that is graphical memory and DDR3 will work just as well, but will actually work better for background downloading and multitasking.

I guess we wont know for sure what's up until after the next Xbox is actually announced, if MS says yes to used games, no DRM and a mini Xbox that helps there to be physical backwards compatibility, that would all be huge in helping the next Xbox.

SHORYUKEN1802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

Yep. My wallet is ready for the PS4.

Cant wait longer. Just launch it this summer!

Edit: @Jek_porkins

Next xbox should have free online gaming otherwise its not worth for purchase.

BABYLEG1802d ago

Neverthat. Ps4 in high demand where? On the webz

T21801d ago

@ jek p - do you work for ms ? Get a big kickback on each xbox sold ? Im not saying its a bad console but you are like a religious zealot dude you should reevaluate yourself seriously. This article is about ps4 ... Why does that bother you so much ?

Army_of_Darkness1801d ago

The xbox 720 could have 1-2Gb's of Ram more than the PS4 for all I care cause it still doesn't change the fact that the PS4 will have more great games! Not to mention the variety.
How do I know you ask?? well, take a trip back in time and look at the ps1,ps2 and currently the ps3 along with all their 1st party developers and you will.... Just know;-)

UnholyLight1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

In my opinion:

PS4 was announced first. This coming generation has been VERY anticipated by pretty much every gamer out there (well at least me) for the last year or two so it's obvious why people are in a frenzy about the PS4. The PS4 is the only console we have solid information and exciting things being announced for it, which we can get hyped about and continue to talk and create buzz.

On the other hand, Microsoft has not unveiled their Xbox yet (yeah pretty sure it's just gonna be Xbox or have a logo stylized XboX), so the only buzz surrounding that console is basically rumours. This is basically what the PS4 was as well and there were many optimistic and pessimistic rumours about it at the time as well.

To me, it's all the pent up demand for the next gen and the fact that Sony did a really good job with their unveil and definitely got me very excited. Sony showed with the PS4 that jumping into next gen is going to be nuts and has already proved pessimists wrong by showing some insane tech demos and insanely beautiful games.

I expect that Microsoft always had a plan for their own unveil and that the PS4 reveal hasn't affected it much..aside from the fact that they also need to have a great first showing. I truly think that Microsoft will have it's own great things to share with us very soon and that the hype for both of these consoles is going to reach insanity level and E3 is going to be the best one ever.

'Tis a great time to be a gamer, and it's only going to get better!

**EDIT: Not to mention, I think a lot of gamers were disappointed so far with what the Wii U has to offer and how it's seemingly not going to be able to offer everything the PS4 and Xbox are going to have on tap. Not trying to take a stab at Nintendo and it's fans but I'm just saying that seems to be the case! I know I was.

portal_21801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )


"it doesn't need to be GDDR5, because that is graphical memory and DDR3 will work just as well, but will actually work better for background downloading and multitasking."

That's simply not true, in fact it's a lie.

GDDR5 will be unified, meaning it will be accessible across the system thus providing a tremendous increase in speed for most tasks. Also, the PS4 will have independent chips for handling uploads, downloads, decompression which will not affect the performance of the system at all.

loulou1801d ago

"people are flocking to the ps4"?? jesus, when was it released?? i want to buy one as well!!

i mean, if people are flocking, then it must mean that it has be released right??

sengoku1801d ago

yeah there probably working hard to bring the size of the OS down from 3GB

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jcnba281802d ago Show
spicelicka1802d ago

Well i'm hyped for ps4 and its games but you also have to understand that this "excitement" is all towards ps4 because its the only console (other than the wii which many people don't consider nex-gen software wise) that's been announced, so it has a monopoly on hype right now.

People have been waiting for 8 years for anything to be announced, so they're thirsty as hell. Also, the negative attention micrsoft has been receiving has all worked in favor of the ps4. But this excitement can easily dissipate in a couple of months once the next xbox is announced.

I'm not saying one console is better than the other, but obviously the hype will be divided once another console enters the field. It'll only be phenomenal if this hype lasts closer to the release date.

GalacticEmpire1802d ago

In my experience, the hype for new consoles only builds as the launch approaches. People aren't just going to stop being excited for PS4 when Xbox 3 is finally announced. There will be much more info to come from Sony in the run up to and at E3.

What's phenomenal about the hype is that Sony have revealed so little but still there's a huge amount of anticipation from gamers.

Pillsbury11801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

ALL ABOARD! Hype train here! Next stop ps4! Beast.

Xyla1802d ago

the ps4 is in high demand because logic dictates that because ps1, ps2, and ps3 were focused mostly on games then ps4 will also. ps3 is the best gaming platform today when it comes to gaming and supporting the widest audience and genre. nintendos main focus is about a handful of titles which are the exclusives theyve been releasing for decades. xbox main focus is to have 3 exclusive titles to release bi-yearly, some multiplatform titles and a lot of kinect titles. ps3 is about supplying a lot of exclusive titles, multiplatform titles with a few casual and move titles.

DragonKnight1802d ago

Careful now. Not allowed to have positive words or articles about the PS4 on N4G or the Xbox loyalists will think the site is run by Sony fanboys and that the mods are corrupt. It couldn't possibly be because there is just so much positive news to talk about the PS4.

Ezz20131802d ago

yeah i'm getting sick of xbox fanboys play the victim every time a bad article about MS come out
sony get bad articles as MS or even more

yet they still call this site pro sony

if they think this site is unfair and treat them badly
then why they still here ?!

Ck1x1801d ago

Well all you have to do is look at the negative spin being put on the 720 and it hasn't even been announced yet! You people go around here quoting "always online" as if its a verified feature of the new system... Even the Xbox Live issues were confirmed to not be caused by hackers and I still read current post of people mentioning that "you get what you pay for I guess!" People believe and run with what they want to believe though.

DragonKnight1801d ago

See what I mean? Not allowed to have any positive PS4 news because the site is run by corrupt Sony execs.

@Ck1x: "You people go around..."

3-4-51802d ago

It's basically the unknown of the xbox 720 that is pushing people to want the PS4 more.

I mean the conference did it really but Microsoft would be wise to speak up Pre- E3..

If they wait until E3 they won't get ALL the attention or the Full attention.

This E3 is going to blow last years out of the water so they need a Pre and Post E3 conference IMO.

Like Nintendo Direct's

Psn8001801d ago

You bet your eyes nose and ears it's in high demand .

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1801d ago

Where are people flocking to the PS4? Is this just about N4G?


ps3_pwns1801d ago

there is zero reason not to get a ps4 at this point thats why its in high demand. its the new go to console of this gen so if you want to play online with a lot of people and chat and have free online and such why wouldnt you already preordr the ps4?

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Trunkz Jr1802d ago

First-to-know list does not = Preorders...

girevik1802d ago

first to know list = first to pre-order! :-) that's why I did it.

IRetrouk1802d ago

I put a deposit down at game, game says its a preorder, quess they know more than you ;)

TrailerParkSupervisr1802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

Um where did you preorder the ps4? Everywhere I go they say you cant pre-order them. Im not being flippant I'm serious. Gamestop, best buy, they all say cant put money down yet just get on the first to know list.

IRetrouk1802d ago

Told u, i preorderd from game in uk.

T21801d ago

At trailerparks ... Gamestop has a waitlist they will phone you to preorder first

DiRtY1801d ago

This. And it is Gamestop. What do you expect them to say?

"We don't see high demand for the PS4, it is the same situation for the Xbox 720 and the Wii U is already struggling. You better sell our shares now!"

Not gonna happen. They hyped the Wii U, they called the Xbox 720 a 'hot and compelling device' and they say the PS4 is in high demand. Of course they do this, because they have to sell those consoles. It is their business.

Don't make a bigger thing out of this than any other PR talk.

Dms20121802d ago

Do we really have to ask why?

Droid Control1802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

preoredered PS4!

720 too late to the party. They lost my money

sway_z1801d ago

PS4's Gonna Rock F'sure!


I don't believe half of you lot when you comment..."No matter what Xbox come with I'm with PS4....720 too late...blah blah blah..."

Even though I own both, I'm not known for supporting 360 much on N4G since I prefer PS3 games over 360 games.

At least wait and see what the competition has to offer. Everybody's jumping on the bandwagon & jumping the gun.

ZodTheRipper1802d ago

Gonna preorder it as soon as it's available on Amazon. And I don't even mind waiting this time since there are so many good games coming out until then.

Jaqen_Hghar1802d ago

A man will get 2 or 3 ASAP on Amazon! A man needs to offset the cost by selling pre-orders after all.