Come at me, Bro: Bioshock Infinite’s “Goriness” Doesn’t Take Away from its Beauty

Kaboom Shark writer Ryan "Rdawg" T writes "First off, I realize that I may be a little bit late to this party. Bioshock came out just over two short weeks ago, and all of the major opinion pieces about the game have already been discussed, written about and raged over. I guess I was just a little bit too busy playing the game rather than writing about it. Can you blame me? Regardless, while playing the game and reading what other people were saying, one of the more controversial topics I came across was how violent Bioshock Infinite was..."

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toxic-inferno1948d ago

I don't think it takes away from its beauty, but I do think that it feels a little bit out of place occasionally. Don't get me wrong; I'm not opposed to violence and gore in games, and I do think there are times when the violence works very well in the game (such as the first time you evade being killed by a skyhook, and the other guy gets it in the face). But there are certainly times during combat where the amount of blood and gore has seemed excessive and distracting to the narrative.

Shadowsteal1948d ago

@toxic. What do you expect when you shoot someone with a gun blood comes out. And how is that distracting to the narrative. During cut scenes there is barely any blood besides the skyhook scene you mentioned. Beyond that it's the in game dialogue that you just "hear" which is a separated from the blood you "see". Honestly everyone has to stop complaining about the blood and gore whatsoever. How old are you guys? Especially the author. If 10 year olds can play COD. Then we should learn not to complain about some virtual blood.

kreate1947d ago (Edited 1947d ago )

I want more blood and violence.
Ppl should take their offense about blood and gore somewhere else.