Concerned New Jersey Lawmaker Proposes Banning Video Games That Do Not Exist

Kotaku: "Following Massachusetts' successful crackdown on Time Crisis and Lethal Enforcers, a New Jersey lawmaker is also looking to make the state's beautiful and historic Turnpike safe from light-gun games no one plays anymore. Except the language of the law she has in mind has a teeny tiny problem that renders it entirely meaningless."

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Magnus1952d ago

Wow tax paying dollars wasted on this I have seen arcade machines with warnings either when the game boots up or on the cabinet. The tax paying dollars should be helping those who pay the taxes like getting jobs or help those who are addicted to drugs or live in a minivan behind a Wendys. Ultimatly its the parents decision about the rated M game and if they want to buy it. Most parents will buy the rated M game just to shut their kids up or the fact the videogame console is the babysitter. Why not use a small amount of tax paying dollars to educate some of the parents wbout the rating system.

Im not American and I think this law is just stupid. All she is doing is leaving her mark before she steps down and tries to get relected or hands the reins over to her sucessor.

d3nworth11952d ago (Edited 1952d ago )

I agree I've been saying the same thing. I kinda want that law to be passed just to to see the look on her face when see finds out that it can't be enforced.
If the government spent as much time trying to control REAL guns as the do with fakes ones in a video game then maybe there wouldn't be so many shooting.

dasbeer881952d ago

Sometimes if not most of the time, politicians are much stupider than a fifth grader.

Swiggins1952d ago

"Won't somebody PLEASE think of the children?!"

Parasyte1952d ago

As George Carlin once said, "Fuck the children!"