3 Reasons I'm Confident The Wii U Will Make A Comeback


The Wii U's not doing so hot. Actually, it's doing quite horribly at the moment. Like Sega Saturn bad. Nintendo has finally taken the plunge into the HD era, but many are of the opinion that the company is simply too late to the game. Next-gen consoles are launching later this year, and the Wii U will undoubtedly be the weakest of the bunch from a technical standpoint, basically ruling out any hope of quality, full-ranged third-party support for Wii U in the future. And the platform's currently weak lineup of software certainly isn't helping their predicament either.

Despite all this, I remain confident that Nintendo's tablet-centric console will make a triumphant comeback (3DS-style) in the future. Will it happen this holiday season? Possibly. But, if I were a betting man, I'd bank on 2014 being the year things turn around for the Wii U. Why? I'm so glad you asked...

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JonnyBigBoss1868d ago

Great reasons. I believe the price is what will make it most alluring once the other systems get price tags. I guarantee the 360 and PS4 will be $500 each.

alexcosborn1868d ago

For sure. The price will be a huge draw. Especially if we see a sizable discount later this year.

ATi_Elite1868d ago

1. Mario
2. Zelda
3. Metroid

socks1868d ago

Those werent enough for the Gamecube...

madjedi1868d ago

Your going to have to hit a $200 or 250 price before it starts gaining traction as a secondary console for non nintendo hardcore fans, and a bunch of exclusive games. The wii u's third party support is very bad atm and looks to only get worse as time progresses.

The people that view a $400-500 next ps or xbox as too expensive, wouldn't be buying it at launch anyway and they likely already have a ps3/360.

And the fact that the ps3/360($249) are already cheaper than the wii u, isn't making the wii u more appealing to a casual gamers/late to the party gamers.

Sorry a $500 next gen console won't drive the masses to buy a wii u like some of you nintendo fans hope it will.

Exclusive quality games will help push the system to gamers.

The wii u will likely rebound 3ds lvls not happening, i wouldn't expect to see too much higher 30-35 million at the end.

3-4-51868d ago

PS4 & 720 will be $400-450

* 3D Mario

* Zelda U

* Super Smash Brothers

* Mario Kart

All of these will help sell the Wii U as a console.

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dbjj120881868d ago

#3 is my #1 reason. Nintendo makes purely game machines. They get the TVii and Netflix and sh** in there, but as a company all they do is games and that focus can catapult them past the competition (if the games ever show up).

alexcosborn1868d ago

Let's hope they show up sooner rather than later!!

ftwrthtx1868d ago

There were too many shovelware titles for the Wii and Nintendo needs to realize that.

allgamespc20121868d ago

am getting a wii u for nintendo games, and those games are very good games always. wind waker HD is my first reason to get it.

RonRico1868d ago

This guy says "Honestly, I (and many other gamers) couldn't care less about all of this garbage. We just want the games." Well there's yur problem.

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