Wii U: The Box of Broken Promises

GenGAME writes: "I love my Wii U, but I’ve got to admit that Nintendo’s failed to deliver in a number of critical areas – even areas that the company’s executives like Satoru Iwata and Reggie Fils-Aime promised would be better than previous hardware launches. It’s a bit concerning to see a company that did so well developing and marketing Wii flounder so much in the face of so many issues – so many broken promises to consumers."

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TruthbeTold1862d ago

Those 3 promises have definitely been let downs so far.

Nice point though, that pretty much the only thing holding the console back is Games. More specifically that there are few games yet that gamers just HAVE to have. But, once that changes, (and hopefully Nintendo can afford a price cut soon), the Wii U will take off.

kneon1862d ago

While sales will improve I don't expect it to take off in any substantial way because by the time those games come out it will be going head to head with the next xbox and PS4.

I think they missed their window of opportunity.

TruthbeTold1862d ago (Edited 1862d ago )

Why would it going head to head with the other two newer consoles be a bad thing since it will be cheaper - with possibly even a price cut by then, and one of the reasons the Wii U has sold more slowly so far is the price?

Once you get to that $300 mark, the question of 'Is it worth it?', expands to 'What will it cost my lifestyle/bottom line if I buy something that expensive that I don't really need?'

The Nintendo 'Hardcore' who have a little money are the ones buying the console now while it is this expensive. So will it be with the Sony/MS 'Hardcore' at their respective launches. These are the people who cause Zelda/Uncharted/Gears to sell 5 million+ but less than 10.

The others will be in the same situation as Nintendo. Only perhaps even tougher depending on price. Only around that time, Nintendo will actually have core franchises releasing and imminently releasing.

As beautiful and cool looking as it is, there aren't 5 million+ waiting to play KillZone, and probably only half of those who actually do have the money to buy the console and game at launch.

kneon1862d ago

Going head to head with the others will reduce the number of people who will be able to buy it.

Had buyers been making this decision a year ago it would have been easy, but come q4 they will have multiple options and most people won't buy more than one console in such a short time frame.

fattyuk1862d ago

I want to go and buy a wii u I really do!

But until some games actually come out I won't be getting my wallet out,

NegativeCreepWA1862d ago

I've been debating on selling mine. Only thing really stopping me, is the loss I'd take on it.

gamer421862d ago (Edited 1862d ago )

really you aren't going to keep it for 1st party games either. you should keep it for at least a year to have a good where it really is headed,that's what I did with all my consoles.

exfatal1862d ago

If you are selling your Wii u this early after buying it so soon at such a cost. I'm assuming you either didn't buy it for the first party games coming out or you dont have it and just trolling?

Yodagamer1862d ago

Sadly i think the software drought was a side effect of trying to let the third parties go first and let them get some sales. They've tried it before with the 3ds and the wii motion plus as well and quite frankly neither launch panned out as well as it should have. The wii u hasn't been an exception. The software drought is probably due to titles being pushed back. Hopefully they get more games in development soon to fix it.

mcstorm1862d ago

I agree. The biggest issue Nintendo have with the wiiu is that 3rd party have ported some of the big names like batman bo2 or AC3 after they were out on the 360 and ps3 and them sold them at full price. They have also had some games 6 months later like nfsmw and the biggest issue with these two options is most people would of got them games on the ps3 or 360 as they wont see the point of buying a £300 console for a game they can get on the console they already own. The same for nfsmw even though its had updates added to it and is the best looking console version it can now be bought for £20 on the other consoles.

It wont be until 12 months after the next xbox and ps4 are out that a lot of people will look to jump to a new console for 3rd party games as support for the 360 and ps3 will will start to be dropped. This is when Nintendo should of tried to push the 3rd party games. The 1st 12 to 18 months Nintendo should of given us Mario, Zelda, pikmin, Mario kart ect as this will help drive the early sales of the console. Look at the 360 it has gears, pgr, moh and more that were not on other consoles and when the ps4 came out it did not have any stand out games it was only 12 to 18 months in you saw the big hitters.

I think the wiiu will sell well once Nintendo bring out the big names this holiday season but I do think they have pushed 3rd partys the wrong way.

jcnba281862d ago (Edited 1862d ago )

I think once the big games start rolling out and Nintendo knocks $50 off the price Wii U's will start flying off the shelves just like what happened with the 3DS.

DA_SHREDDER1862d ago

its already dropped 50 on amazon

gamer421862d ago

I don't think a price drop would help a lot at this point, what they need is better advertising and release dates for their big games. That's what they need the most right now.

Dante_0071862d ago

i believe nintendo are just expecting third parties to develop for the WII U but when i bought the WII U I bought it thinking their would release more core nintendo titles like zelda and mario but instead all I'm getting is last generation ports with gamepad support sorry nintendo i am not a fan of this. and it has nothing to do with this drought it has to with the fact that their isn't one title on the WII U that has everyone saying hey i want to play that

YoloSwag1862d ago

So you expected all of their best franchises all in the first year? Has that even happened before?

Ck1x1862d ago

Not even on a Sony console, so I'm not exactly sure as to why it was expected here... I'm more upset that we don't have release dates for W101 & Pikmin3 yet! Sure E3 will be a blow out of info, but I wouldn't mind having another ND like the one in January. Something like that could really tie people over until E3 comes around, since its less than 60 days away :-)

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