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Was Batman choking Wonder Woman too much for the US?

Why are there two different statues for the Injustice Collector's Edition? (Injustice: Gods Among Us, iPhone, PS3, Wii, Xbox 360)

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Root  +   690d ago
I'm kind of glad Europe got the better edition.....it's one of those "Once in a blue moon - We got a better Collectors Edition" times.

Can't wait for this :)
Snookies12  +   690d ago
I see EU getting better cases and collector's editions all the time lol. I'm constantly finding myself jealous. ;]
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Root  +   690d ago
I suppose it could be that you like our editions more but then again "better cases" which I'm guessing you mean artwork isn't all that.

Americans usualy get better collectors editions and better deals on them aswell

For example take the Metal Gear Rising edition

The UK got a figure and the game = £99

The US got a massive lamp, a steelbook, dlc, the soundtrack = In Pounds roughly £93

Meaning we were paying more for less...and it happens a lot of the time. Usualy our better editions are games which nobody gives a crap about or games where the US has gotten some equally as good.
vickers500  +   690d ago

There's been a few collectors editions that America missed out on and got crappier versions of instead.

I don't keep up with CEs as much as I used to, but in recent memory, the Resistance 3 and Saints Row The Third collectors editions (the non-american versions) were far better in their respective countries.

Saint's Row The Third got(in australia I think) cuff links, an ice cube tray with the shape of bullets and some sunglasses. America got some crappy headphones that don't even work on consoles. http://bulk2.destructoid.co...

Resistance 3 in the UK got a cool duffel bag with a logo, a flask with the logo, some target practice posters, some army men and some playing cards. America got a crappy move/sharpshooter/game bundle. http://www.fromheroestoicon...
legionsoup  +   690d ago
I actually ordered the European version even though I live in the US. Amazon.uk. Free shipping. It actually cost slightly less than the US collector's edition.
Kevin ButIer  +   690d ago
Bad luck UK gamer

Gets Injustice better edition....

Still a UK gamer...
kevinsheeks  +   690d ago
about time -.- don't worry though for every 1 good deal will get screwed 9 times over
IAmLee  +   690d ago
Was Batman choking Wonder Woman too much for the US? - No. It's a game for goodness sake...
Certz  +   690d ago
And its freaking Wonder Woman?! She's f***ing tough as nails! She'll probably break out of that choke hold within seconds.
Oh_Yeah  +   690d ago
Women did ask for equal treatment...and Wonder Women is probably the type that likes being choked anyhow.
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hkgamer  +   689d ago
Or maybe wonder woman choking batman was too much for the people in UK/EU??
Ever think about that?
MaideninBlack  +   690d ago
Yes, it should have been Superman choking Wonder Woman. I mean, can Batman really beat Wonder Woman in a fair fight?
Root  +   690d ago
I thinks it's because Wonder Women in the story is on Supermans side.

It really should of been a statue of whats on the games art where Batman is going for Superman with a kryptonite shard.
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jeffgoldwin  +   690d ago
Always wondered why Supie doesn't just make a suit out of lead to block kryptonite. I mean it would be so silly easy to make compared with say Batman finding rare/exotic kyrponite shards or building a custom bat jet.
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MaideninBlack  +   690d ago
Yeah, that would have been better.

Didn't know SM and WW were on the same side in this. Thanks for clearing that up. Not really following the game myself.
Ezz2013  +   690d ago

i don't know if you watched Superman/Batman movie
when they meet for the first time

Joker melt superman suit that block kryptonite
do you really think batman won't have a plan for something like that ?!

batman beat hulk,thor,superman,darkside,ba ne,killer crock etc

batman is not like any human
SilentNegotiator  +   690d ago
"batman beat hulk,thor"
In what?

And Maiden....you could say that about half of the characters in this game. I mean, how many of them would beat Superman in hand to hand combat in a regular issue of a DC comic?
pupunoob  +   690d ago
Hulk and Thor? At least troll properly.
Ezz2013  +   690d ago
i knew you guys would not believe me
from batman vs hulk comic
batman knock hulk out

as for thor turn out i was wrong they never faced
BigPappaPump  +   690d ago
@ Ezz2013, I hope you know that crossover comic is not canon.
HammadTheBeast  +   690d ago
But it's sexism if men are portrayed in this way.
nerdkiller  +   690d ago
batman did kill the entire justice league
Soldierone  +   690d ago
Considering people here cry about literally everything.... It was probably "sexist" so they decided to avoid that whole ordeal.
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jeffgoldwin  +   690d ago
"A man hits a man: Meh, they were fighting."

Um dude, that's called assault in the real world and you go to jail. This is why you don't reference South Park for your basis of reality.

But yes, it is a socially considered worse to hit a women or child as it should be. Either way, your still getting some jail time if proven.
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Soldierone  +   690d ago
They are making fun of a real world problem. It isn't just hitting someone. Look at everything.

Kratos has a perfect body of muscles, acts tough, runs around with a skirt and no shirt on. No problem at all.
A female character in another game has big boobs and a skimpy outfit and its "omg games are so horrible! Women are not like that!!! How sexist!" Yet who is cosplaying these same characters and taking it further? Women.

Similar thing here. If Batman was choking Superman, it would be perfectly fine. If anything it would be "cooler"
gobluesamg  +   690d ago
Goodwin ur dumb as s@$t bro!
InMyOpinion  +   690d ago
@Soldierone - If the whole society was built around women having the power I might've agreed with you.

It's not, women still don't get to vote in many countries even.

It's women who have to worry about getting raped for dressing in a certain way, or going home by their self at night. Not you or Kratos.

Here's a word for you - patriarchal society. Google it. Read up.
hellvaguy  +   690d ago
"If Batman was choking Superman, it would be perfectly fine."

Um no it wouldn't? That's still assault if we're talking about in the real world. In video games, it's a different story because it's just for fun and playing make believe on a cooler level.

I think jeffgoldwin was right, some of you here need to stop using south park and video games as your information source on societal norms and what is actually illegal. Also, you probably will want to go outside sometime in the near future as well.
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Soldierone  +   690d ago
You guys are trying to twist the conversation into something entirely different. The game is about fighting, its about assault. So why is it a problem when its just a statue? No one here said it wasn't an assault.... and guess what, it's a statue about a fake story with fake characters, so technically no one is assaulting anyone and nothing is illegal.

If all you can do is insult someone, then obviously you are the one that needs a bit of education on the subject. Instead of pretending to go outside, how about do a little research on the matter? Completely avoided my other example, wonder why.....

Certain subjects in society give special treatment to certain groups. THATS the argument here, not "its assault." It happens in video games, movies, REAL LIFE, and "outside"
hellvaguy  +   690d ago
"Kratos has a perfect body of muscles, acts tough, runs around with a skirt and no shirt on. No problem at all. A female character in another game has big boobs and a skimpy outfit and its omg games are so horrible."

Because in America women's breasts are sexual and men's not so much. Just a society norm, who cares? Go to Europe or watch porn if you need to see them so badly.

"Completely avoided my other example, wonder why....."

There I addressed your topic, which was stupidly obvious to begin with, didn't think it really needed to be commented on because it wasn't even worth mentioning.

If hypocrisies, just for the sake of being a double standard really bother you that much, I'll bet this one really burns you up inside: People will be much more offended to see a fat hairy guy wearing a thong, than they would be seeing a hot babe wearing the same thing at a beach. It is what it is. Get over it.
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insomnium2  +   690d ago
"That's still assault if we're talking about in the real world"

LOL at the image in my head as Superman sues Batman for assault. The court is now in session... LOOL!
DragonKnight  +   690d ago
Oh god, Anita Sarkeesian and Madam Sessler would have a FIELD DAY with this if it were over here. Frickin' political correctness B.S.
admiralvic  +   690d ago
Welcome to the pointless world of "political correct" arguments. The problem is these people don't seem to really understand the concepts of a valid argument. Like boxing / wrestling still exist in the world today, yet they instantly bring the argument to a new setting that doesn't even make sense. Like above all Batman is a vigilante, yet we're instead talking about assault, when it's probably more of a battery situation? How does that make anymore sense than anything anyone else brought up?
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matrixman92  +   690d ago
maybe she liked it...ever think about that?
Sketchy_Galore  +   690d ago
I don't think it's too much at all, in fact I think every special edition of a game with so much as a cameo by a female character should come with a statue of Batman choking that character. From Lara Croft to Ms. Pacman. I'd buy them all.
norahfredrickson95   690d ago | Spam
jeffgoldwin  +   690d ago
The picture makes zero sense at all in the comic world. Batman is a mere human, whereas Wonder Women has superhuman strength, speed, and flight.

As a collector I'd pist off to see to absurdity of it making no sense at all. What's in the sequel game cover, Batman spin kicking Superman into outer space. No, just no.
OhReginald  +   690d ago
Oh europe, you and your women beating ways.
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listenkids  +   690d ago

Take some punishment too, women.
DragonKnight  +   690d ago
*A wild Anita Sarkeesian appears*


*Madam Sessler GO!*

"This game is clearly for dudebro fratboys and they can have it... the cavemen... GAMES ARE ART!!"
InTheLab  +   690d ago
Madam Sellser....f***in gold.
Yet another reason why I'm glad I won't be buying this garbage. MK vs DC was censored too. I'll stick to playing MK9. This DC fighting game will flop just like the last one.
aLucidMind  +   690d ago
Because the EU and US having different statues available to them is indicative of the game's quality lol. Also, Injustice isn't censored; it is a fighting game between DC superheros and is marketed towards superhero fans, no Mortal Kombat fans. Meaning it needs to be marketable to superhero fans of all ages.

If you think this game is being censored, then you don't know what censorship is.
smashcrashbash  +   690d ago
First of all Batman couldn't choke Wonder Woman if he tried.Secondly Wonder Woman has had things done to her that are far worse then simply choking her so I can't see why this should be a big deal.
jester1122  +   690d ago
Everyone keeps saying this in the game there is a reason why they can all fight each other , I won't spoil it, but it makes them all on even ground. Has nobody seen videos they explained this a hundred times...
LordHiggens  +   690d ago
I swear if I ever learn to program I'm going to create a game with decent production values with all the major taboos...just to hear people squeal.

Stupid politically correct....B.S.
Psychonaut  +   690d ago
Batman cannot pick up wonder woman one handed..seriously she break his wrist.
aLucidMind  +   690d ago
Actually, he can pick her up; her power doesn't make her heavier.
Psychonaut  +   689d ago
no but if he tried to pick her up one handed she would break his hand/wrist/arm. common sense, use it. She has super strength. if batman even tried this one she would be heavy as she is a AMAZON, and two batman would be using a lot of his own strength just to do this for a few moments, and if he did attempt this outside of wonder woman breaking his arm, wrist, and hand she would just fly upward.

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MultiConsoleGamer  +   690d ago
I think its a bit rough. I wouldn't want a woman to come to my house and see that statue sitting on my desk.
1OddWorld  +   690d ago
Maybe she would have common sense and see it as two "Super Heroes" fighting. Something you're obviously missing. If the statue was not a "Superhero" and just an ordinary guy choking a woman then it would be offensive and speak volumes about you as an individual.
MultiConsoleGamer  +   690d ago
Yeah you're right, it does speak volumes about me as an individual.

I'm an individual who is sensitive about the subject of violence against women. If that's a subject you favor then I would suggest that your feelings speak volumes about you as an individual.

And you should probably know that superheroes aren't real.

You can crawl back to your chan now.
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Utalkin2me  +   689d ago
So the Super Heroes are not real, like you say. And you get offended by a statue of fake characters and fake violence.

I think you have deeper issues then being sensitive about violence to women. How would have you felt if batman was choking a male non super hero, would that have bothered you too?
Max-Zorin  +   690d ago
Bats couldn't choke her if he wanted to.
ado908  +   690d ago
It's not sexist when a woman beats on a man but when it's a man beating a woman its sexist. This is the logic of the U.S.
1OddWorld  +   690d ago
And while I agree with your comment, I am an American. Being PC is the business model that corporations have to adhere to or they will be publicly shamed and lobbied against. Being PC steps on the rights of free speech. Everything is reverse in America. The oppressed are now the oppressors.

This is simply a game with super heroes fighting. In no way shape or form should you have to be PC. But lobbyists would have crucified the company for it.

This is the logic of ignorance not the US.
ado908  +   690d ago
0.o I am not worthy. You are king!
Pozzle  +   690d ago
I think there's definitely a problem on both sides.

Most domestic violence/murders do happen against women (usually at the hands of someone they are close to) and that's something that really needs to be rectified in our society.

But it's also unfair that men are shamed if they are ever beaten/raped by a woman, to the point where many men are too embarrassed to report it to police for fear of ridicule. I cringe whenever I see things like male rape used for comedy (Wedding Crashers and 40 Days/40 Nights, for example) because it just perpetuates the idea that men have nothing to complain about if they are raped/beaten (especially if the woman is "hot") and that's seriously not ok.
lizard81288  +   690d ago
maybe she likes being choked?
does wonder woman get a say in this?...
KillrateOmega  +   690d ago
It's Batman (a non-powered human being) versus Wonder Woman (a metahuman gifted with powers from the gods and is essentially the female equivalent of Superman).

Are people really going to fuss over how Batman is choking this crazy powerful woman when she can literally pick him up and rip his arms out of their sockets? Jeez...
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killnotic  +   690d ago

Wonder Woman wouldn't even feel his grip around her neck.
Th3 Chr0nic  +   690d ago
the games story covers all this and why, but no one seems to care
KillrateOmega  +   689d ago
People just like to complain. It's super annoying, but it's just how it is I guess :(
chobit_A5HL3Y  +   690d ago
and he doesn't even have any damage on him lolz wonder woman is all stressed out ans terrified while bats is effortlessly lifting her BY HER NECK WITH ONE ARM? XD if batman were to have any sort of edge in this fight, it wouldn't be in physical prowess lolz x]
strigoi814  +   690d ago
Well i think batman and superman could been better
trenso1  +   690d ago
Good the US didnt get the cooler edition, cause i dont want to hear more people spinning things around and calling sexism.
Gh05t  +   690d ago
Im glad you are willing to have this PC shoved down your throat because you aren't willing to fight the people who claim sexism.

That is how this all happens over and over they beat you down until its not worth fighting. Or we find our fortitude repel the BS claims of sexism that are misused and fight back.
trenso1  +   690d ago
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killnotic  +   690d ago
Yeah, the figurine is questionable, but more than that it's really, really stupid. Wonder Woman would wreak Batman's sh1t in a fight. Hell, she could break every bone in his hand if she just brought her chin down, that's how strong she is.
arbitor365  +   690d ago
would have been better if batman was pimp slapping superman, while superman wore wonderwoman's outfit.

superman is batman's b****. plain and simple
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raiden-49  +   690d ago
Can no one see the sword wonder woman is about to thrust into Batmans face....?
CourierSix  +   690d ago
This is a game guys...why are we getting into a discussion about real world women beating? I don't think its really necessary to pull that into this. And yeah, Wonder woman would destroy Batman in a fight.
jester1122  +   690d ago
Everyone keeps saying batman cant choke wonder woman in the game there is a reason why they can all fight each other , but it makes them all on even ground. Has nobody seen videos they explained this a hundred times. There is something superman gives them to make them stronger...
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aLiEnViSiToR  +   690d ago
Wonder Woman: Come on bats choke me if you can ?
Batman: Here i come !!!
Wonder Woman: Oh for crying out loud... harder you ***** !!!
Batman: Grrrrrrrrrr hahaah you dead yet ?
Wonder Woman: -_- i'll just go fight with Superman...
Superman: Somebody called O_o
Batman: I'm BATMAN... and Bruce Wayne damn it, Alfred get me high tech billion dollar suit >_>
Alfred: Sir, Tony Stark wont be happy about this...
Batman: He is in Marvel Universe not DC -_-... I'm Batman !!!
BoNeSaW23  +   690d ago
Whoa! You better check your meds man. That was pretty weird.
NonApplicable  +   690d ago
I guess we know who's been writing the shitty DC comics.
0pie  +   690d ago
its a well known fact that usa are a bunch of cry baby and moral fag who will do a drama about everything.
i would not be surprised if they did 2 different collector edition to avoid a drama.

You still can see it comming frome miles around. "batman statue who strangle wonderwoman, how sexist the game industry can be" article being the #1 article on n4g. I still remember when a lot of you cried like a bunch of wuss because hitman killed some nuns in a trailer...
Garrison  +   690d ago
The statue doesn't make any fucking sense anyways, I'm glad it was banned and whoever approved that garbage should of been fired on the spot for making something so stupid.

Batman is a mouse next to wonder woman, she wouldn't even be moved a bit by him attacking at full strength and should just rip his head off with a bitch slap.

The only reason bats ever beats or compares to people like supes and wonder woman is because of workarounds writers must make due to his popularity. Like when superman always turns stupid when bruce wayne is around.
Ravenor  +   690d ago
"According to Lead Designer John Edwards, the plot is meant to rationalize the game's fighting mechanics between characters that would not normally fight one another and explain how Batman can "stand toe-to-toe" with Superman"

From the Wiki, http://en.wikipedia.org/wik...

pay attention, pay attention, pay attention!
Neko_Mega  +   690d ago
Better on PS3 XD If you look the Batman choking Wonder Women is for PS3 and the other is 360.

Yep, don't see why they couldn't show the same system one.
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