7 Things Disney Should Do With The LucasArts License

Dealspwn writes: Now that Disney have closed the doors on LucasArts and are instead planning shifting the outfit "from an internal development to a licensing model", we thought we'd give the Mickey Mouse company some advice on what to do with a licence that covers a treasure trove of games and IPs that gamers of all ages utterly adore. With that in mind, here's this week's Sunday Seven in no particular order.

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konnerbllb1918d ago

Title has misspelling. It's license, not licence.

Jdoki1917d ago

I don't agree with all 7 on that list, but at least the article tackles things from a hardcore perspective.

What I'm predicting is more stuff licensed to mobile platforms, and casuals. Tatooine Moisture Farmville anyone? :)

Some new adventure games would be awesome. Heavy Rain showed there's a market for them. Grim Fandango and Full Throttle needed more games.

A reboot of X-Wing vs TIE Fighter is probably top on my most wanted list - but how well do space battle games do?

A sequel to Republic Commando would be nice - I thought that was a hugely underrated game.

Under no circumstances give 1313 to BioWare!

Yi-Long1917d ago

Monkey Island by Pixar please!!!

MysticStrummer1917d ago

X-Wng vs Tie Fighter was the first thing I thought of when I saw the article's title. Battlefront would be a close second.

Moncole1917d ago

Pixar doesnt need to make it because they can hire people to animate it and they already have a story, Pixar works on original stuff.

Zha1tan1917d ago

revive the promising looking battlefront III

1917d ago
MaleManSam1917d ago

Knights of the old republic III

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