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Root1587d ago

AKA - "I've realised how much more money I can make for me and my company if I were to release games on both platforms"

TopDudeMan1586d ago

Before the fanboys get all pissed at him, can you really blame the guy? He's just doing his job.

GrandTheftZamboni1586d ago

He can do his job as long as they increase budget for the other platform. Otherwise the game will suffer on both.

JohnnyBadfinger1586d ago

What do you mean increase the budget?
The ps4 and next Xbox will be near identical, a simple port is all that is needed.

zebramocha1586d ago (Edited 1586d ago )

Did anyone read the article? Kojima san is talking about cloud gaming and the arthour is twisting his words, drawing these conclusions based of off mgs rising and phantom pain being multiplats.

Guwapo771586d ago

@ JohnnyBadfinger -

How do you know this? Nothing has been announced for Xbox. While the hardware is made by the same company, doesn't mean they interact the same. Which we already know they don't. Secondly, the OS are totally different. Easy of portability is unknown at this time.

morganfell1586d ago

As soon as Kojima went from head of KojiPro to a Konami exec his focus changed and gamers are the poorer for it.

Platform exclusivity allows a developer to avail themselves of all of that system's features and push it to the limit rather than compromise for the sake of parity...and developers these days will compromise. They did not last gen but that is now ancient history. They are so afraid of offending one party. Sales rather than creativity is the rule of thumb and you Kojima are a lesser man for it and your work a shadow of what it might have been.

Crow all you like about his art reaching more people but the moment money decides your direction it is no longer art.

This is why MGS4 stands as a landmark achievement. One that Kojima will never reach again given his current mindset.

You can try to be all things to all people but at the end of the day you will be nothing to no one. Every moment spent on multiplatfor is a moment that could have been spent pushing a single system to the wall.

kwyjibo1586d ago


If exclusivity was about pushing platforms to the limit, he'd have gone PC-only.

Exclusivity is about getting a bucketload of cash from the platform holder.

Army_of_Darkness1586d ago

Kojima loves Sony, but he loves money more...
Eventually, everyone breaks and gives into it.

As long as his games still turn out very good then I won't have a problem with this.

MaxXAttaxX1586d ago

Not true. Whose limit are we talking about here? All PCs are practically different.
Developers have to make PC games to work on a wide range of specs.
You cannot optimize games for PC anywhere near as well as for consoles. Sorry.

kwyjibo1586d ago


That wasn't the point. I was making a response to a claim that exclusivity was down to developers wanting to push the limit, and not the glaringly obvious marketing support and other kickbacks from the platform holder.

If you really want to push the limits, you don't give a crap about "a wide range of specs", you don't give a crap about multiplatform. You just build the best thing possible, and hope you make money somehow.

Crytek managed it in 2007, haven't managed it since.

zeee1586d ago

His comments indicate that SONY and M$ will both of game streaming services. I mean, we already know GAKAI will be there on PS4 but so far, we haven't heard of such a thing for 720. I believe M$ will also have a GAKAI-like gaming service which leads me to wonder about the future of Nintendo.

Really, we need all three companies making a decent profit. Competition only benefits us and our wallets :)

NastyLeftHook01586d ago

fanboy or not the truth is you can only get the whole story (metal gear solid 4 ) on a sony console. so if you did not own a ps3 you missed the story and missed out.

BullyMangler1586d ago

so MGS -V- no on wiiU?, because wiiU game-pad is no good and only a gimmick so Metal Gear Solid V would not be a FUNNER experience on wiiU rather than the other 2 ? (:

_QQ_1586d ago

you also can't get the entire story without the NES a nintendo console (metal gear1, metal gear2).

Diver1586d ago


My version of mgs3 included mg1 and mg2. All you have to do is beat mgs3 and it unlocks those original games.

-Alpha1586d ago (Edited 1586d ago )


That's a silly excuse and it doesn't even make sense. So what if there is a diversity of specs? A good developer will know how to manage hardware and still push a platform to the limits. If exclusivity= better creativity, then a PC is just a viable platform, especially over 7+ year old hardware. It just sounds like you guys can't stand to see this go outside of a Playstation platform

All I see is people bitter that this is going multiplatform. We haven't even seen the scope of the game, and already people like morgan are knocking the game for lacking creativity?

Sounds like you guys just have a problem with this not remaining a PS exclusive, I doubt people would be pushing this exclusivity/creativity argument so hard if it was Xbox exclusive, and apparently there's already an excuse for PC exclusivity.

Then there's the "MGS=Playstation" argument which is just as silly.

MikePhoenix1586d ago

One wouldn't be a fan if they got mad at him for this. His epic games, his preferences. But it is best to build a game around the best system especially as epic as the Metal Gear Solid series.

MaxXAttaxX1586d ago (Edited 1586d ago )

Thanks for putting words in my mouth. I liked kwyjibo's response better.
I don't mind games being multiplatform. And if you read again, you'll notice that I never mentioned PlayStation or MGS and neither did Kojima lol.

_-EDMIX-_1586d ago (Edited 1586d ago )

I think Kojima sees that he can make MGS on more then one system with this new Fox Engine. Realistically, why not?

Look at it this way, Kojima is not just some developer that jumps on any system to make more money. He made MGS4 exclusive because of the hardware, mainly because of the space Bluray could allow.

Now I truly believe Kojima would make a MGS on more then one system IF IT COULD REALLY BE THE SAME ON ALL OF THEM! This is why Fox engine was made.

To say otherwise is just silly. If he can pull it off...why not? As a die hard MGS fan, I only want to see it on one platform IF it was to be gimped if on another ie FFXIII and GTAIV gimped.

I'm ok with his choice, have some of you SEEN FOX ENGINE?! Its pretty damn impressive, mind you MGS5 will be open world like MGS3, clearly the 360 is not gimping this game (he must have got them to do an install like what Rockstar most likely did for GTAV...I mean, I see no damn way that game is fitting on one disk LOL)

Kojima deserves this, its time he gets his!

nukeitall1586d ago (Edited 1586d ago )

I find it hilarious that people get so upset, especially morganfell.

What most of you still don't get is, people need to live and survive and for that, one needs *MONEY*. Over 99.9999999999% of the people care about money and the rest? They aren't here so deal with it!

If you didn't care about money and only "art" you would have all paid several times over for Kojima's game so he can go make it exclusive and still be able to pay his employees.

I bet you if Kojima raised his games $10 all you would be all over his case and b*tch and moan about how greedy he is.

But who is greedy? The one wanting the cake and eat it too?

sikbeta1586d ago

MGS is too big to be platform exclusive, so good news ;)

nypifisel1586d ago


Actually he NES games pretty much have nothing to do with Kojimas original games which both came out on the MSX2. If you want to know the full story, play those games and not the NES versions where the first one was a butchered port missing many things from the MSX original and the second NES game (Snakes revenge) having nothing to do with Kojima. Both MSX originals can be found on the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection (They are really great games so everyone should play them)

Konami being a Japanese company will still design their games for the PS4 so don't worry everyone, the Xbox will get the port.

givemeshelter1586d ago (Edited 1586d ago )


Your comment is because you work for Sony. Your opinion is pointless in this thread to be honest.
You claim a developer should stick to console exclusivity? I wonder if tomorrow Kojima said he was going to make his games exclusive to Nintendo only or Microsoft, WOULD YOU be saying the same thing as you are saying now... That was a rhetorical question as we already know the answer coming from you...

loulou1586d ago

and with metal gear solid going multi, that is the end of AAA third party exclusives.... unless companies are willing to pay bucketloads.

when mass effect went multi n4g exploded with orgasmic fanboys. now mgs is confirmed multi, the fanboys are not quite so pleased!

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Timesplitter141586d ago (Edited 1586d ago )

AKA "I am making a baffling use of common sense since more money is generally better than less money, not to mention that this will give me a broader audience and they'll get to see what I've spent so much time working on"

Meanwhile, on the internet, some special little snowflakes are complaining because they won't be the only ones in the world who get to play MGS

arronax-11586d ago

Well can you tell me what is the point of having both Xbox and Playstation if they can't have exclusives to define themselves? At that point, you might as well go to PC then.

Timesplitter141586d ago (Edited 1586d ago )

Can you tell me why it would be Kojima's responsibility to make exclusives for the playstation? If Sony or MS want exclusives for their consoles, it's their job to make that happen. They can't expect 3rd parties to make exclusives for certain consoles "just because".

Console loyalty might be a really important thing to many teenage gamers, but it means nothing to grown men. And Kojima is a grown man.

And to answer your question : There is no "point" in having both PS and Xbox. Why would there necessarily be a point? There are multiple consoles because different companies want to compete. That's all there is to it

Septic1586d ago

Extremely well said in both posts

j-blaze1586d ago

well said, thank you for shutting that root guy and the fanboys up, ps3 users are acting as if Kojima is owned by Sony or something they should just stick with their holy ND since they call them naughty god and teh best dev in tis industry -_-"

@ morganfell

if graphics your talking about, KojiPro made Fox Engine PC based it already look stunning, Kojima even said that the engine is easy to port between current and next gen consoles even a vita, also, game makers are all business, now your comment that you got a well said for it is a waste and stupid
your whole comment was about a stupid console loyalty and graphics.. if your really a fan "which you're not" you should only care that this game is being made by Kojima and trust the man

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Aceman181586d ago

true its only smart that 3rd party devs support all systems, but in the case of the Metal Gear Solid series i don't think it would matter if its on both take a look at Metal Gear Rising

on PS3 its sitting at just under 900k
on 360 its barely over 200k

the game is basically dead on 360, and i have the crazy feeling that when the next MGS games release it wont sell much on microsoft system.

CommonSenseGamer1586d ago

Wow, if 200k is dead then what does that mean for most games on the Vita?

However, 200k is not great but then again MGR was not a system selling game by any stretch.