411 Games Fact or Fiction 04.11.13: LucasArts, EA, Microsoft and More

Is the saga of Aliens: Colonial Marines dead following its cancellation for the Wii U? Were we surprised to see LucasArts die? Is Microsoft hurting themselves by not answering questions about the new Xbox? 411's Jeremy Thomas and Stephen Randle debate these topics and more in this week's Fact or Fiction: Games!

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Rush1861d ago

Did you manage to cover enough different topics in your description there?

Skate-AK1861d ago

There are only three topics he said. Seems like a fine amount to me.

3-4-51861d ago

It's better than him lying in the title.

Knight_Crawler1861d ago

Have to agree but tHe sad part about N4G is that articles like this that have regular headlines never make the top page or get much people commenting because the headline is not over the top BS.

I the headline for this article had said "Disney gives LA the middle finger" or NextBox Dead on Arrival" it would be at the top.