Favorite WWE/WCW Wrestling Game Memories

From WCW vs NWO Revenge and WWF No Mercy to WWF Wrestlemania 2000 and Smackdown, 411's Dan Watson takes a look at some of his favorite wrestling game memories.

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ijust2good1949d ago

Smackdown Here comes the Pain is by far the best Wrestling game ever...every other wrestling game after that have just been nasty.

TheFallenAngel1949d ago

Yeah Here comes the pain is the best wrestling ever. Another good one was the very first Smackdown vs Raw and Smackdown 2

lashes2ashes1949d ago

I disagree. The n64 games were the only ones that felt like a wrestling game to me. Smack down always felt like a arcade fighter with wrestling moves in it to me.

joel_c171949d ago

WCW v NWO revenge is my personal favourite

Trunkz Jr1949d ago

Yeah I spent so much time on WCW VS NWO Revenge.

ijust2good1949d ago

im not fan of wrestling but i got into it with Smackdown 2 know your role. When Smackdown: Here comes the pain came out...WOW man i tell u that i, and me mates had tons of fun. The royal rumble was wicked. The gameplay was super fast compared to any other wrestling game EVER.

It was a perfect gameplay...after that and to this day, all wrestling game are super slow and just boring. Why change a formula that works. Bring back Here comes the pain type fast brawl action and i will come back to wrestling game.

Kevin McCallister1949d ago

From the article: "[WWF No Mercy] was a great start towards what would end up being a better game, Wrestlemania 2000."

Obviously this guy's memory isn't too great since he thinks WWF No Mercy came out before Wrestlemania 2000.

2pacalypsenow1949d ago

I would spend the night at my friends house and play WWF Smackdown! all night I loved that game

Deadpool6161949d ago (Edited 1949d ago )

I didn't own a N64 when I was younger, but I managed to rent one when I had the money to. I never got to play WWF No Mercy, because it was always rented out. I did play WCW vs NWO Revenge. That was hours of fun.

Does anyone remember the FMVs in WCW Nitro and WCW Thunder for Playstation? I distinctly remember Kevin Nash saying not to pick him and Rowdy Roddy Piper screaming at me to pick him. I remember playing Eddie Guerrero and Diamond Dallas Page the most.

WWF War Zone and WWF Attitude were...ehh...all that I had for Playstation the longest time. I made the most out the games though. I'm really glad Yukes started making the awesome Smackdown games later on. I remember having fun with the tag team division in TLC matches. We did some insane stuff in that game. Good times.