Violence Vs Story: Does One Hinder the Other?

Gamnesia: "Both of these terms are important aspects to many video games, and have been almost since the dawn of gaming itself. Violence, in one way or another, is ever present in most of the games we play. Be it Mario stomping out Goombas, Link attacking well... anything, or killing virtual people in games like Call of Duty: Violence is an ever present part of the video game culture that we all enjoy on various levels.

Another intricate and ever more present aspect is story. It drives players to want to complete certain tasks, it gives motivation, and more importantly it can touch us on a personal level in a way that sometimes can't be conveyed in a movie.

Neither one of these aspects is required to create a compelling experience – as an example, something as simple as Minecraft is technically a video game and it doesn't rely on violence or story in order to create a fantastic product."

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joab7771952d ago

Stop already!!!!! This is getting absurd. Why weren't a million articles written about avatar and avengers and batman. No one is gonna be lauching bucking broncos out of their hands anytime sokn.

ifritAlkhemyst1952d ago

People need to find better things to care about, god damn!

ChipChipperson1952d ago

Hey, look at that, another copy and paste article on the same topic, from last week and the week before that, is on here again preaching the same garbage. How about you just play Bioshock Infinite and enjoy it for what it is?

SkidMudFlap1951d ago

Hmm i don't know why bioshock got this kind of thing about violoence. God of War is more violent than bioshock but i don't see this kind of article about God of war, heck the even ripped the head of Helios. Also violence does not hinder the story just look at Journey, they do need violence to tell stories THEY DON'T EVEN SPEAK!