Life Behind the Counter: 5 Things Gamestop can do to make employee life easier.

Over at Gaming Target, a former employee and now staff writer, shares his thoughts on a few things that would have made life as a Gamestop employee much easier.

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orcabear3688d ago

This is a good descriptive perspective of the retail business.

Tsalagi3688d ago (Edited 3688d ago )

So true. I'm coming into the store to buy a game i want, for whatever system i want. I don't want your fanboy opinion on it either.

v1c1ous3688d ago

they can not go after my throat when i refuse, for the 30th time, to preorder a game

MrWonderful3688d ago

well i worked for rhinos befor gamestop bought them out i quit. then they asked me to come back so i decided i would give it a try. all my co workers would down play me for buying a ps3 and till this very day they all support the 360 with little info about ps3 hardware. so i plan on opening a store to compete with them and give consumers the choice instead of "you need a 360".

TomDaSpartan3688d ago

I have never dealt with so much bs in my life before working here.

I am third key at my Gamestop. Gamestop tactics are brutal. If they want an employee gone, they won't fire the employee until they find a good reason like stealing or bad customer reviews. Otherwise, they will cut his or her hours down to nothing until the are forced to quit.

I promote reserves because they really aren't a bad idea if you know you are going to get the game put $5 down and guarantee your copy to be there when it releases. Unless the District Manager tells you to sell the reserves when you run out of the unreserved copies. I have been asked to do this but did not. The reserve program is like layaway and it is serious. Also, we guarantee the game to be there when half the time the shipment doesn't arrive until the next day. Our release schedule differs from the actual arrival, which pisses off the customer and me because I have to deal with their anger. It isn't my fault.

I work for a little more than min wage. Gamestop honestly expects a $20 an hour employee to work for min wage. You start with phone calls. Answer correctly and always be sure to tell them about the specials. Then you get a call from a person with 10 games wanting to know how much they can get for them. All while, you are doing a trade-in of 100 dvds, which have to be individually checked for scratches and scanned in. While this is happening, you have to watch your other employee to make sure they are working and not talking too long to customers, which is bogus. I have been verbally punished for talking too long to customers, when I was either trying to make a sale or just talk gamer to gamer about games we love. Also, we push sales but make no commission. I have received no bonus or commendation for making an incredible amount of reserves or subscriptions. We have to ABC the walls, of course. This is no easy task when customers come in and look at a ps2 game box and then return it into the used xbox bin. I am not complaining about the customer but Gamestop doesn't pay us enough to deal with this. All this doesn't include the counts and price changes and store marketing that has to be done.

In the beginning, this was like my dream job(not career) because I am a big gamer. It has almost turned out to be my worst nightmare. They expect so much out of you but return that with almost nothing. Oh yes we get a discount of a whopping 15% only on games and accessories but not on systems.

I became friends with a fellow employee that they wanted to fire because they said he looked at a magazine for 45 minutes. They wanted to fire me because I missed a count that had already been missed by someone else. To be more detailed, they wanted to fire me for someone else's mistakes. First they suspended me for three weeks. All the while, I tried to talk to the District Manager, who had no good reason to fire me. I called him and his words were " I have nothing to say to you." He then proceeded to tell me he was on vacation and didn't want to be bothered. He is on vacation not wanting to be bothered while I am out of work, going to school, and trying to take care of my 3 year old and wife. After this 3 weeks, he tells my manager that he doesn't want me back. Imagine the thoughts going through my head.

I know a lot of people don't like Gamestop employees. Employees start out good but all that bs probably turns them into a$$heads. Don't hate the employee, hate the chain.

Tyrael3688d ago

Lol all this hate towards Gamestop but you know more than half the people on this site shop there. Myself included.