Rumour: Some interesting rumour's from UK magazine, PSM3's 'The Insider'

Dubbed 'the man who knows too much', their insider teases us with some of the latest PlayStation murmurings:

- The insider tells us to expect a 'big' announcement involving Home, including information about 'trophies' or achievements "to rival the Xbox live system".

- A sequel for a popular Xbox 360 title will be 'received' soon, and that it will be making its first appearance on the PS3, he also states this isn't Lost Planet.

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whoelse3505d ago

aww, i was just posting this article paul :D

Anyway, these are very big rumors! :)

paul_war3505d ago

I know, I've been following their 'insider' for a while. Always has some interesting bits.

Blankman3505d ago

Dead rising 2 or bioshock 2. Would take bioshock over dead rising. Owned dead rising and bioshock 1 already so don't really care for neither.
I don't want to hear no in game XMB in some months. They better announce it at sony day

whoelse3505d ago

in-game XMB or some kind of it is supposed to arrive in the summer.

skynidas3505d ago

The sequel for a 360 game is Deadrising 2

[email protected]3505d ago

But I highly doubt it. I mean with Capcom going PRO Xbox360 lately *cough*LostPlanetSequelItNotCo mingToPs3*cough*. This just more a rumor that a announce that's all.

M337ING3505d ago

Colonies isn't a sequel...

SWORDF1SH3505d ago

i love the insider by PSM3. good source or rumours and inside knowledge. its a good mag so you all should get it. yes even you americans should import it lol

whoelse3505d ago

Im not to familiar with it. Do the rumors by this insider tend to turn out true?

Harry1903505d ago

being a globe trotter myself and a big reader(everything)
they are the best magazines.especially psm3.

Nathaniel_Drake3505d ago

Please oh please let it be Dead Rising 2, I wouldn't mind Bioshock 2 at all either

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The story is too old to be commented.