XBox 720 to Support Streaming Digital Downloads

Gaming News on Good e-Reader? Well, normally we never report on consoles or gaming apps, but we can’t help it when we have some juicy news. A confirmed source has informed us about the upcoming plans regarding XBox’s digital download distribution service.
One of the big aspects of the next generation of hardware is that the consoles will have expanded support for digital downloads.

One of the ways Microsoft’s XBox team is refining the next generation will be allowing players to run games as the game is downloading. Normally, when you download a game on the existing generation of consoles, or even Steam, you can’t play the game until its fully downloaded. The Xbox 720 will let you play the game, as long as you meet a certain data threshold. If you are downloading a AAA title, and it is around 10 GB of data, and you will be able to start playing the game once you hit a 2GB limit.

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DEEBO1920d ago

lol sony show them the way.

GribbleGrunger1920d ago

I don't know about Sony showing them the way but the more I read about the nextbox, the more I realise that there is going to be very little difference between the two. Even the add on 360 for the Nextbox is something that looks remarkably like the Sony patent. I'm not saying anyone is copying; I'm saying that both console manufacturers seem to have similar goals.

andrewsqual1920d ago

Just like the way there was/is no difference in 2006 or today in the 360 and PS3.

gaffyh1920d ago

Well if you have two equal or similar platforms, what it comes down to is exclusives, and we all know that Sony has MS beat in that respect, simply in terms of amount of first and second party studios. Add to that the influx of Indie developers due to Sony's Pub Fund, and I honestly cannot see what MS can offer gamers other than Halo, Gears, Forza and Fable. I've got a feeling they will try and get timed DLC exclusivity deals for COD, and give Activision a lot of money for it.

nukeitall1920d ago


That is the thing, everybody assumes the platform is similar, but it really isn't.

MS is master of software, and they have proven that by rewamping the Xbox 360 dashboard multiple times. They have vastly improved many aspects of Xbox Live.

Then we have Kinect as well and now their focus on other forms of entertainment.

People keep talking about exclusives, but they don't matter as much. We have seen that time and time again.

It just boils down to quality games and now approachable platform.

rainslacker1919d ago


I think Sony has provided plenty of proof they are capable and willing to provide quality software over the course of 3 console generations. I also think MS has proven that they can provide quality software as well. When it comes to quality games both have a proven track record. The only real difference is people's preference in what kind of games they want.

I couldn't care less about the dashboard or the XMB when I'm playing a game, but, I do recall Sony being highly praised over the XMB on it's release. I won't deny that it's become somewhat sluggish over the course of the generation, but I'd imagine that is likely due to memory constraints on the OS.

All that being said, Exclusives matter to me. Or rather, most Sony exclusives are good enough for me to care about them. If they went multi-plat I wouldn't be fussed over it because a good game is a good game. I want them to do well if they're good, but I couldn't care less how many they sell to decide if they're worth my time or money.

I do believe they're taking a different approach in appealing to different markets. These markets do seem to have a lot of correlation though.

I won't speculate on the specs part, because it's still rumor for one, and limited details for the other.

nukeitall1919d ago (Edited 1919d ago )


I think that is a fair assessment. I somewhat do care about sales in the sense that I play online a lot now more than ever. I never thought I would, but I do, but the sales affect the community size.

I haven't touch the single player portion of many of the games, because I now play so much online.

A game that has a full lobby, people communicating and vibrant community is now more important than ever.

So a platform that offers the tools to easily connect and play with others is vital. That is why I'm willing to pay for Xbox LIVE.

It automatically tells me how many gamers play a game I want to play, gives me party chat to easily schedule a game or wait for a game to be available and makes it superbly fast to patch a game (small download size, and no need to even restart the game, it hot patches on the spot).

My point being four things:

a) online community size and friends list i.e. I make a friend and he uses a free account and never shows up again. I want to have people on my friends list that play a lot, so I have a good pool of people to play with and they all need to have microphones. I'm not into the silent communication thing.

b) features and ease of use matters even if it isn't directly in-game, unless all you do is play single player games. That said it is part of the experience.

c) apps and other forms of entertainment are also consumed by me. I use my Xbox almost exclusively for entertainment, such as Netflix, Vevo and so on.

d) Exclusives are nice, but they aren't as important, because there are plenty of great games released by third party. The more the merrier, but a few less isn't noticeable, as long as I have quality games I would like to play.

but, yeah, sorry about the wall of text. You probably won't read it all. :D

jimbobwahey1919d ago

Exclusives are important for me personally because that's the main thing that separates the two consoles, although the rumors of the next Xbox supposedly having a backwards compatibility solution is very important to me too.

Personally speaking I'm really fond of Halo, Gears of War and Forza more than the exclusive games on my PS3, so provided Microsoft doesn't screw something up spectacularly, my preference in their exclusive offerings (combined with BC) have me leaning heavily in favor of choosing the next Xbox over the PS4.

Irishguy951919d ago

Bleh, the 360's only real win over the Ps3 has been it's system software and features. Xbox live/dashboard features have been amazing since it's release/ YOu have alot of people on this site who love trophies some who won't even buy games without them. MS had Achievements in from Day 1. Sony broguht them in later. MS had cross game chat and invite in day 1. They had 'press one button to see notification' since day 1 too. The main improvement MS have made is the 8 person party chat...other than that they had most of the best things about the Xbox which was ease of from day 1.

Sony caught up to that eventually and are still a little behind without the chat.

But...well, Sony had more games. Nuff said for me.

rainslacker1918d ago


I will admit, in my post I wasn't really considering multi-player. I'm probably the polar opposite of you in this regard. I rarely play the MP portion of games, and when i do it's usually not for very long.

Anyhow, in all these years, your reason for paying for XBL is about the only one that seems like it isn't some sort of defense, and is actually very reasonable. Connecting people is important when it comes to MP, otherwise it does tend to feel a bit barren. I can't speak to XBL as I don't have it, but I will admit that Sony could work on that a bit more, and hopefully we'll see that in the PS4. The Vita seems to be a step in the right direction, but it's not what I'd consider intuitive to the lay-man.

your points
a: can't speak to that. Seems rather anecdotal. I will have to disagree though, as it seems that a pay wall will eventually cause some people to go away just because they stop believing in the price of entry.

b: I agree

c: This one I understand. But again, I don't see how you should have to pay to use those apps. I know it's the most common reason people state that it's not worth it and it adds false value, but it seems those services should be free, particularly if NextBox wants to win the living room.

d: I think exclusives are important because they help define the systems. Nintendo is known for Zelda and Mario. MS is known for Halo, Gears, etc. Sony is known for GT, Uncharted, many PS1 IP's, etc. Third party is also important, but for the most part if it's available on any system, then when it comes to games, it's the exclusives which set a console apart. Other things that set consoles apart from one another is the services they provide, the user experience, and the overall social structure between them. All of it plays a part, and the exclusives are obviously important to a lot of people, which is why they exist.

np at the wall of text. I do it routinely.:)

nukeitall1918d ago


"a: can't speak to that. Seems rather anecdotal. I will have to disagree though, as it seems that a pay wall will eventually cause some people to go away just because they stop believing in the price of entry."

It is from personal experience. Heck, I have multiple accounts myself. It used to be worse before trophies though, as people werent even attached to their account.

That said, I haven't really noticed anyone stop playing on Xbox LIVE and shift to another platform because it is free. I mean PC has existed for a long time, and so have PSN.

However, yes, some people will turn away and some people will be barred from trying because of the fee. However, those that stick around are the ones I want to play with. They play enough that they are willing to pay.

This of course might shift in the future as MS introduces other services that people sign up for instead of gaming.

"c: This one I understand. But again, I don't see how you should have to pay to use those apps. I know it's the most common reason people state that it's not worth it and it adds false value, but it seems those services should be free, particularly if NextBox wants to win the living room."

It's kind of pointless to really discuss this. Why? Do you ask if the people that buy Coach handbags why they pay for it? Or if Nike shows are really better? Sure they are, and so is Xbox Live apps than many other platforms. They are tailored to the console by MS and the newest features appear on the platform so MS wants to be compensated for it. Netflix was first on Xbox and they are further moving in that direction. Some is a hit, others are not.

It's one of those things where it is a premium service.

My take on it is, if you don't like it, don't pay for it. Let the others that do, use it.

I don't complain about people buying Nike shoes or Coach handbags.

"d: I think exclusives are important because they help define the systems."

That is true in the past, when consoles was strictly about gaming. Now a days that is less and less true. The Wii didn't sell on the strength of Mari/Zelda, nor did Xbox 360's exclusive really move the needle late in it's lifecycle. The PS3 was early on sold almost strictly as a blu-ray player.

Point being that, it is overall a package of games (exclusives and mulitplatform), features, social integration, price, where your friends game, exciting technology and so on.

It certainly will be interresting.

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Jek_Porkins1920d ago

You realize that Microsoft probably had this in development long before Sony showed it off right? That is how console development works, they don't see what Sony does and say "We need to do that too!", there simply wouldn't be enough time.

Looks like Microsoft and Sony have the same ideas for going after just about every type of gamer and will offer similar experiences.

MasterCornholio1920d ago

" "We need to do that too!", there simply wouldn't be enough time. "

Which is why Sony purchased a firm that has been working on this tech since 2008.

"On July 2, 2012 shortly after rumors on the Internet started to appear, Sony Computer Entertainment announced that it had reached an agreement to acquire the cloud-based service for $380 million USD.[25]"

Ever since i got fiber optics im extremely excited for this tech.

Mr_Writer851919d ago (Edited 1919d ago )

You realise that this story is from a website that don't report gaming news? If it ran a story with something bad to say about the Xbox you would dismiss the site for wanting hits.

Has any gaming website reported this? How come their sources can tell them about all the 'always online' and 'no used game' and 'Kinect/living room focus'.

But only the sourse for digital books/comics website knows of the streaming of digital downloads?

Now this could all be true, but if you question one news story with no evidence to back it up, surely you must do it for all of them?

dcbronco1919d ago (Edited 1919d ago )


Pimping gamers for hits on your site is a thing now. Gamers made EA the worst company in America while unemployment, foreclosures and corporate crime are at a all time high. Fanboy attitudes make for easy marks. Non-gaming sites will continue to use gamer because gamers allow it and because in the business world gamers are in that category that spends a lot of disposable cash. Even if you have a site that gamers won't spend on, your hits will show an advertiser that you get attention and your site will make more. Half of Forbe's articles seem to be gaming because after the more people realize that none of the "experts" have a clue. But a fanboy can still be pimped.

AngelicIceDiamond1920d ago

@Deebo Lol next gen consoles were gonna do it anyway.

turnerdc1920d ago (Edited 1920d ago )

Lol, just like OnLive guided Sony? Share button, live spectating, game streaming, game recording, free trial with every game? Yup, all done by OnLive over 2 years ago. Also I'm sure this was done way before Sony and Microsoft even thought of it. The earliest I can remember is Blizzard allowing you to play your games after a certain limit while they were downloading. In the end though, EVERY company looks at others for ideas and inspiration. To deny that is just being a fanboy.

ichimaru1919d ago

is that...Sense? Hey guys this man has common Sense! get him!!!

extermin8or1919d ago

difference is Onlive went under and the streaming from them was never as good as having the game downloaded :p

dcbronco1919d ago

Live streaming was done on Xbox a long time ago. PGR did it. Much further back than two years. So was uploading videos, which was done on computers over a decade ago. Falcon 4.0 did it. Often technology is developed by a third company and licensed to a bunch of competitors.

turnerdc1919d ago (Edited 1918d ago )

Haha ichimaru, yes, sense, indeed a rare commodity among the N4G jungle!

What do you mean "went under" extermin8or? They went through a restructuring but are very much alive. The service actually hasn't had any major interruptions (except when the GameSpy servers went down but that was unrelated to their crisis and solely on GameSpy being sold) during this period either. Currently working my way through the Witcher 2 on the service!

Maybe so dcbronco. I'm sure you can point out several instances of what I mentioned being done before OnLive HOWEVER the implementation being used by Sony is nothing like these previous instances. Everything you pointed out is limited only to specific games or people with specific hardware/software. It's not built into the platform itself and requires much more work from the developers. We're talking about a universal ability to watch anyone play or upload videos without platform limitations on specific hardware/software or games. This is EXACTLY what OnLive provides. Doesn't matter if someone is playing Sonic 2 or the Witcher 2. Without any additional setup or hardware/software you can watch that person play and that person can record clips and upload them. Did OnLive get inspiration from previous companies before it? Of course, but their implementation is truly unique. Sony's implementation also seems to be VERY much like this. In the end you're helping my case by showing that EVERY company gets ideas and inspiration from other companies.

dcbronco1918d ago

I wasn't trying to argue against you turnerdc. I agree. What Sony is doing is things that have been done before. They may be building it into the system but the rumors have been that Microsoft has been working on the same stuff for years. The DVR rumors for Xbox started on the 360. MS filed for a console DVR system back in 2007.

The share button is the only thing different that Sony is doing. The 360S has a APU. Made by Microsoft. The leak that MS had it's lawyers try to have removed from the internet showed multiple APU in a system for Apps and games separate. MS admitted it was theirs from 2010. SO none of it is new or different. Just some of the architectural approaches.

turnerdc1918d ago

My bad! Took your comment the wrong way. I see what you're saying now and definitely agree.

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SatanSki1920d ago

You mean PC. Its nothing new. In recent history Diablo 3 had this feature at release.

Guwapo771919d ago

And World of Warcraft way before that...

zebramocha1920d ago

@deebo funny,but not true,Ms and Sony will have similar features for their console so no one has major feature over the other.

Zhipp1920d ago (Edited 1920d ago )

Steam lets you do this with some games too. It's the future. Next thing you know, even Nintendo will be announcing a similar feature.

CynicalKelly1919d ago

Competition is magnificent. I would like to assume that Microsoft and Sony are pushing each other forward. Both have taken inspiration from each other and it has resulted in excellent consoles.

MYSTERIO3601919d ago

Im tired of hearing rumors and hearsay, MS come out and tell us already.....shesh

CEOSteveBallmer1919d ago

Let me make it clear for you guys before disagreeing with DEEBO. What he means is that Sony is the first to show "Play as you Download" which is really an awesome feature. Instead of waiting for your download to finish, You can play it partially as it completes the download. When the time you reach half of the game the download is finished that's what I think. Its very much the same for Streaming games like Onlive or sony's Gaikai.

IcicleTrepan1919d ago

Lots of PC games do this now. Sony didn't invent this.

dcbronco1919d ago


Yeah cause movies haven't been doing this for a few years now. Some using Silverlight. A Microsoft technology.

nosferatuzodd1919d ago

Lol ha no wonder they can't show their system yet there to busy copying
This is Microsoft in their underground lab oh shot streaming while downloading why didn't
We think of that yeah gddr5 oh shit make changed make changes bunch a rip off

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THC CELL1920d ago

What games lol just kidding it's a great idea for all platforms.

fattyuk1920d ago

The wave of new kinect games they'll be rolling out!!

ichimaru1919d ago

OH snaps! you're so edgy XD

fattyuk1920d ago

Like Sony have already announced for the PS4 yeah?

fattyuk1920d ago

Made me chuckle the "disagree(s)"

This is a rumour, PS4 is fact.

Waller1920d ago

But you've dismissed it as Microsoft copying Sony. As someone said before, this isn't something you can just slap into a console at the last minute and call it a day. It's likely (if true) been in development for some time.

fattyuk1920d ago

I didn't dismiss that Microsoft have copied Sony lol you assumed that yourself :0)

there isn't anything in my original comment that even slightly suggests that what I meant!

ALLWRONG1920d ago

This is done through the cloud, something MS was involved with from the start. Sony just bought into cloud at the last minute.

MS = One of the innovators of cloud

Sony = follow MS (as usual)

I know you Sony guys so desperately need something to be yours, but no.

stage881920d ago


Sony bought Gaikai ages ago and there has been widespread news about it's streaming games tech. For MS it's just hearsay.

PS. Just to make your blood boil, Playstation had Cloud Saves a long time before MS implemented it and Playstation's storage is much bigger than the 360's. Thought you should know that ;)

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SatanSki1920d ago

I gave a disagree for stupid fanboy comment not becouse Sony didnt implement it.

BanBrother1920d ago

Good, I guess. They kind of have to at least match what Sony is offering for me to get one. Not trying to sound like 'that' guy, but I think we as gamers should expect at least this much. It's like giving a grown man a sticker for wiping his a$$.

Belking1920d ago

Xbox 720 is sounding awesome!

1920d ago Replies(1)
SatanSki1920d ago

Puhlease. We dont know a shit about Nextbox.