PS3 and PC gets the Personalization Pack for Black Ops 2

Earlier this month 360 users were able to get there hands on the Personalization Pack for Black Ops2, now Activision are releasing it for PS3 and PC. The DLC will have various customizations for your guns. Each weapon will contain different camos, sights, and calling cards.

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_FantasmA_1953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

I just bought Battlefield 3 lol. I knew it was better than COD just well, come on its not that hard to make a better game than COD lol. But damn when I actually tried it!! I went on a 4 kill killing streak as soon as I started and I fell in love with multiplayer FPS shooters all over again since Counter Strike Source!. Just bought the premium edition. COD has always been a joke to me, except for Black Ops 1 and zombies. But Battlefield is better than COD for hundreds of reasons. The main one is you are not running around like an idiot getting shot in the back, knifed from 10 feet away, and getting killed cheaply by a bomb/missle,etc, etc.

csreynolds1953d ago

I'd much prefer a Playability Pack for Black Ops 2...