Redbox: A Bunch of Thieves. Beware Gamers!

XXLGaming writes, "I just experienced the worst customer service and question dodging in my entire life after speaking with a Redbox representative. After this experience I urge gamers to use Gamefly or Brick and Mortar stores for their game renting needs. My bank account is $127.80 less after this debacle."

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zeal0us1952d ago

This is why I don't attach my cc or bank card to my account when signing up for anything.

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TrailerParkSupervisr1952d ago

Redbox has horrible service. I reserved crysis 3 on release day and when I went to pick it up the reader on the machine was broken. I called them from machine and they said they had no way to override system and release the game. I said NASA has probes going to the moons of Jupiter and you can't just access the system and give me the game? Also, I said the service guy was just here to fill up the unit and he didn't check to make sure it worked???

I had driven there on my lunch hour so didn't have time to go to another kiosk. I went back to work and went online to reserve another copy at different location. It wouldn't let me. I called, again, and was told I can't have two copies reserved. I said well I can't get my first copy because the machine is broken. I asked to have that reservation removed. They said they can't. It takes 24 hours to lift. They said I wouldn't be charged though. Two days later the charge was assessed and came out of my bank.

That's it for me and red box.

Snookies121952d ago

They never have any good selection of games anyway for me. I've checked every single one around my area. The best thing I could find when looking for a copy of Tomb Raider was GTA IV...... Yeah, that's a rather new release isn't it?

PS4isKing_821952d ago

Screw redbox. I hope they go out of business with that attitude.

Nodoze1952d ago

Sounds like this guys card was skimmed. ALWAYS check the card readers at every location you are going to (ATM's, Redbox, Gas Stations etc). I prod and pull on the reader to make sure it is legit. While not 100% foolproof it would help for any of the stick on readers.

Additionally cancel the card immediately. If he had done so the charges from Redbox would not have gone through. Mark a fraud alert with the CC company as well.

Sucks that this happened, but wish him luck in getting it fixed.

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The story is too old to be commented.