My Sentiments Exactly: Overhype the worst thing… ever… in history…

Charlie of Xboxer360 writes, "Remember that one game trailer that tickled you, had you on the edge of your seat and discussing a game with your friends for two months? Remember when that game sucked? That’s because of a little issue called overhyping; see the developer and producers fed you overhyped nonsense, which you then perpetuated onto others, and it turned out neither of which were fully justified. Oh, alright, I’ll let you off because you were misled, but that doesn’t defeat the point; we’ve all been in that situation – a game has the face of a king and the garbs of a peasant conveniently off camera.

Producers and developers will usually have quite a vast budget for marketing – afterall nobody can buy a game they haven’t heard of. The way they produce these trailers is pretty spectacular, because they don’t want to just get you. They want to get you talking about it; this could mean using mystery, absurd depictions (Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain’s initial trailer was pretty whacky) or even shock value. All of these are reasonably misleading in themselves, but that’s what marketing is there for; it’s to try to get people to buy the product. The bigger problem stems from when advertising downright lies."

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FRAKISTAN1951d ago

over hyping is also the gamers fault but we can't help it when you release a super cool trailer and end it by saying INVASION BEGINS on 29.....

PopRocks3591951d ago

I think it has just as much to do with our media outlets though. IGN is a pretty popular and also corporate entity, Kotaku is like a video game tabloid and other such entities are the ones who give these games so much attention.

It's too bad. There are many smaller scale blogs and websites that offer insight on better, more creative endeavors like WayForward, Double Fine and indie games.

admiralvic1951d ago

Good concept, terrible article.

Since I don't want to get into a rant about the main point, I really don't see why the 5 points were mentioned at the end. Like part of the Aliens problem was due to people expecting quality from Gearbox (since Borderlands 1 / 2 proved to be awesome) and Sega has been known to publish some cool titles. Beyond that, everything else is common sense, with the exception of the review score aspect. I don't know about anyone else, but most review scores seem to be based off the concepts of how fun and complete the package is, over how well it works. If people reviewed a game like he suggested, then would anyone that gave the PS3 (I guess Xbox too) version of Skyrim or Fallout have any sort of creditability?

BanBrother1951d ago

One of the biggest problems also is Games Journalists. Aliens is a different story, but how often do publishers trick us into thinking their game is good? They show us tiny bits of the gsme, which is made out to look good.

Those who get a look behind the curtain, for example reviewers/games journalists are supposed to say if it is crap or not. But too often they hype the game up until release. Too scared to lose the advertising $$$ and start a bad relationship with a Publisher. Seriously though, why do even the worst games released sound like they are masterpieces by journalists in their previews? Payviews?? Maybe.

andrewsqual1951d ago

Halo 3 was and still is the most over hyped game in the history of games. And yet to this day still has higher reviews than Reach, the better game. It was just that awesome. This was back in the day when I discovered, and then completely avoided, the Xbot infested website Kotaku. There were articles about Halo 3 every 10 minutes 3 months before launch.