Time Extend: Crackdown

EDGE: "There was no single off-on moment, no switch that flipped. No particular number between one and 499 indicated the six months of sleepless nights spent in Pacific City thereafter, scouring every rooftop, every gangway, pipe and outcrop for that final 500th glowing Agility Orb. Even those who are usually unmoved by the frivolous, timewasting allure of collectibles found their resolve eroded by Crackdown’s method of subtle, gradual ingratiation – a self-destructive habit formed almost without perception during the course of play. Collecting Agility Orbs may have begun as a distraction from decimating drug cartels – one of a number of side dishes in the buffet meal of Crackdown’s crime-ridden open world – but by the time the murderous main course was being cleared away we were licking the plates, fervently gathering up the remaining morsels. Finding Agility Orbs was now the game’s sole function, the crime bosses having been months in the ground as we tracked down the remaining few. It wasn’t mania or obsession, we told ourselves, it was just tidiness."

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Software_Lover1777d ago

I loved Crackdown. It was just fun period. No killstreaks, no obnoxious 12 year old cursing in the mic with his music blaring. Just fun with a friend. Now that I think about it, it seems like an early story model for APB reloaded, just with bosses.

YodaCracker1777d ago

Great article. Crackdown is still one of my favorite 360 exclusives. Shame about the sequel.

SilentNegotiator1777d ago

It's too bad the sequel was so sorely disappointing. I liked Crackdown, but C2 somehow managed to have downgraded graphics, less interesting missions, and not fix any problems from game 1.

Software_Lover1777d ago (Edited 1777d ago )

They should reboot it for the next xbox, and do it right. No excuses with the third installment. They know now what the games liked and did not like. Just make it on an epic scale.

BanBrother1777d ago

Spot on Negotiator, don't know how you got disagreed with.

Crackdown 2 was a disgrace. Basically, they were making on a new engine or something, then some guy left and they had no time until release so they used crappy old code. Something like that, the point is it was in a crappy development cycle, and Microsoft just threw it out the door.

Not the way to do a sequel. I did absolutely love the first one, the most freedom I have felt in a game.

IronFistChinMi1777d ago

Love Crackdown, tied with JC2 as my 3rd favourite open world game this gen. GTAIV, RDR being 1 & 2 respectively.