Urban Trial Freestyle Review - Team VVV

VVV: "It’s hard not to deride Urban Trial Freestyle as an inferior Trials imitator, and it’s unfortunate that such comparisons are so unavoidable. Taken on its own merit, Urban Trial Freestyle is an average alternative for deprived PS3 owners that frequently stumbles in its attempt to stand on its own two wheels, and its subpar physics, uninspiring level design and limited longevity ultimately make it misfire."

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PeaSFor1798d ago

"It’s hard not to deride Urban Trial Freestyle as an inferior Trials imitator"

well, we could also say "It’s hard not to deride ,Trial2:SE,Trial Evolution Urban Trial Freestyle as an Elastomania imitator,..."

VR-4nic1798d ago

5/10 WTF! This game is more like a 7/10 and is a great game for a quick fix on the go. UTF is a must have for any Vita owner.

PeaSFor1798d ago

its an ok game, sure it doest equal Trial Evolution....but its FAR to be a bad game.

a good 7/10

StartWars1797d ago

5 should be perceived as an average score, not a bad one. It's not an outrightly bad game, no, but it has enough flaws that hinder it.

I do agree though that the game seems more suited to the Vita, but I haven't been able to play the full version to judge it. I'd say the Vita version would probably get an extra point.