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Xbox 720 And PS4 Are Going To Be Much More PC Driven - Crytek

"Crytek has shared their thoughts on next-gen consoles and mentioned that they will be much more PC driven. The consoles are made using PC architecture and it's something that's done to make it easier for game developers to develop games." (PC, PS4, Xbox One)

Arai  +   957d ago
No sh... captain obvious /sarcasm.
zebramocha  +   957d ago
@arai he must've been a "prophet" to avert that crysis.
minimur12  +   956d ago
crytek are really starting to annoy me.
SolidStoner  +   956d ago
I dont like crytek since they started to tell people how amazing graphics they have, but they forgot to add that theyre gameplay sucks and graphics actually looks very bad and sad...
malokevi  +   957d ago
Who keeps posting crap like this? Its not news, its spam.
ijust2good  +   957d ago
Can someone tell him that Crysis 3 has already been beaten in the graphics department by Killzone Shadow Falls & BF4 and will certainly beat it in the gameplay department which should be more of an easier task.
jeffgoldwin  +   957d ago
Wow by Killzone really? Last I checked Killzone could not be played in 1080p or 4k resolution, so it seems your fanboyism is just a bit over the top here. Think you need to reel it in a bit.
mochachino  +   957d ago
BF4 yes, but I need to see more of Shadow Falls first. Doesn't matter though, games are hitting their apex in terms of raw graphics due to game budget ceilings.

The biggest revolution in gaming now would be the development of a much cheaper way to make games.
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Ezz2013  +   956d ago

dude he's talking about Killzone Shadow Fall *PS4* launch title
which is 1080p
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hellvaguy  +   956d ago
"dude he's talking about Killzone Shadow Fall *PS4* launch title which is 1080p"

So a game not even released for another 6 months minimum and certainly not in 4k resolution. Idk that still reeks of fanboyism to me.

In 6 months time, there will be even better mods and graphic packs, plus who knows what other games will be released by then to take the graphics title. Too much speculating imo.
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Fluke_Skywalker  +   956d ago
It's not all about resolution you know, 720p, 1080p, 4k(p?) A high res turd is still a turd.
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Sy_Wolf  +   956d ago
@jeffgoldwin I can play Pac Man in 4k, does that make it a more graphically pretty game then anything current?
Zhipp  +   956d ago
I dunno about Killzone, but that BF4 video impressed me more than Crysis 3 did.
_-EDMIX-_  +   956d ago
@Jeffgoldwin- Last I checked...you don't even have a PC game to compare it to. How on earth do you know its underperforming?

Quick question, I own a HD 5770....do you see me playing BF4 1080p 60fps? LOL!

Have you seen what it took to run BF4 1080p 60fps? I got news for you, it wasn't whats in a PS4 so I don't know why your making it sound like PS4 failed at something.

Go online and see what it takes to run a 4K game and then tell me if it even makes sense to make such a machine.
yewles1  +   956d ago

"Have you seen what it took to run BF4 1080p 60fps?"

It was actually 3K (2880 x 1620), running on a setup that included TWO HD 7990's. Why 3K? Because current display inputs can't do 4K w/o being locked at 30fps. We'll have to wait for HDMI 2.0 for that... but then again, who wants to shell out the money for that generally?
FreakdoutKid  +   956d ago
haha what a joke
R6ex  +   956d ago
Bring out CryEngine 4 already.
PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt  +   957d ago
hes saying this because he's letting out know.. PC gamers are coming to console...
IaMs12  +   956d ago
This is good though, a win for everyone, especially the PC crowd. Maybe there wont be anymore shotty ports to either consoles if they are similar enough.
Serjikal_Strike  +   957d ago
Haters "deal with it"
DragonKnight  +   957d ago
Why can't Crytek shut up for just a month. Don't say anything about anything for just one month. Please. Is that really so much to ask? They have an opinion about everything all the damn time.
pandaboy  +   957d ago
what do you expect them to do, sit in silence when asked questions in the interview?
ichimaru  +   956d ago
It's an interview. You answer questions. don't catch so many feels
gamernova  +   957d ago
What a shocker!! At least console gamers are finally going to get a glimpse of what us PC gamers have been experiencing all along. I say good! About damn time and this only means good things for all of gaming.
NeoTribe  +   956d ago
I pc game as well as console game. If i had to choose between the two it would be consoles. Pc is missing out on the pure comfort, community, and exclusives consoles provide. Prettier graphics dont cut it.
DwightOwen  +   956d ago
Bite your tongue.

Comfort - Not everyone prefers slouching on a sofa, although anybody with a graphics card made after 2007 (HDMI output, yay) can easily move their desktop into the living room. A wired 360 controller works with 99% of console ports and the drivers install automatically when you plug it in. No muss, no fuss. Of course, there is a wireless version available too.

Community - You must be on crack if you truly believe this.

Exclusives - This is your only valid point, but I could just as easily rattle off several exclusives that you can only get on PC. It all comes down to what genres one prefers, really.
pupunoob  +   956d ago
The one thing I prefer about consoles are they're convenient and there's nothing to upgrade. It lasts a few years. Insert disk and play. PC can be a little annoying but other than that PC overall is better.
tee_bag242  +   956d ago
The only thing I like better about consoles is no one cheats in multiplayer games like bf3. Other than that PC is the superior platform and doesn't need to make any compromises like a console,, but having a quality rig costs $$$'s unless you want to build and ugly ghetto rig.
I'm all for the consoles getting some more power, hopefully it's going to unshackle these multiplat engines abit more
givemeshelter  +   956d ago
The Steam Community alone is in the tens of millions. As for exclusives? The PC actually has 10-1 more exclusives then the Xbox60 and the PS3 combined. It all comes down to what games you like.
Last point? This is not 2001...Any laptop or desktop can hook up to your HDTV and use ANY controller for most games.
TemplarDante  +   957d ago
Cervat Yerli "Next gen, We, Crytek must focus on gameplay rather than graphics as the gameplay of Crysis is weak. But if you think thats bad, the story is weaker. We must improve. You have my word on that. Gameplay > Graphics for the win! " ....

Thats what I THOUGHT he would say.
He DID NOT say that.... unfortunately.
Belking  +   957d ago
Good news for developers. Can't wait for xbox720!
FrigidDARKNESS  +   957d ago
This Guy is a hypocrit one week he's trashing next gen consoles the next week he's praising them.
jtenma  +   957d ago
Who keeps asking these people questions?
josephayal  +   957d ago
Next-Gen Consoles Are Basically Super High-End PCs
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pete007  +   957d ago
yeah!! perhaps in popular republic of ruanda!! or ghinée bissau!! or at your´s!!!!
I_am_Batman  +   957d ago
Super Highend PCs cost up to 4500$ so no they are not. I would say they are more like super efficient gaming PCs (at least the PS4 seems to be).
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jeffgoldwin  +   957d ago
$4500 wow that's a cool make believe number right there. Unfortunately that's not a reality based gaming pc, you must be specing a supercomputer to do weather predictions or something of this nature.

In your make non-reality based world your economics are way off. By about double by my estimates of pc building. With that said yes, $2,250 is still very expensive. If your willing to connect about the 8 essential pc components yourself, spending even $800 gets you a lot of bang for your buck.
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Guwapo77  +   956d ago
He said super highend PCs... It's nothing to drop $4500 on.

Top end CPU $1000
Top end Mobo $700
Top end Graphic Cards x 2 $2000

I'll stop there so you can understand what super high end is. Not your typical $1500 subpar gaming rig.

Mine cost $2500 for high end 3 yrs ago and today it's just slightly above average.
I_am_Batman  +   956d ago
@jeffgoldwin: That's not a make believe number it just depends on how you interpret the term super high end. I'm not talking about gaming PCs (since gaming PCs are build for efficiency and are not high end) I'm talking about a PC with super high end parts (mostly meaning the most ridiculously expensive parts you can get). I'm talking about pure over the top hardware. It's funny how quick you get offended and directly assume I'm making things up even though I'm stating facts. I'll pm you a link to a PC since you seem to be too lazy to look it up yourself.
_-EDMIX-_  +   956d ago
High end could mean anything really.

@Guwapo77- I'm sorry but you wasted your money. I built my PC 3 years ago for $750 and I have a HD 5770 and a AMD Athlon Quad core CPU....mind you I max every damn game I won, BF3, Skyrim etc......how on earth is your PC "average"? LOL! I'm sorry but those clown PC's with lights and 32gigs of ram and 4 crossfire and 8 way SLI are jokes.

I maxed it....thats about it. I see no reason to build such a rig, exactly WHAT game did you play that even "required" ANY of the tech you bought? Mind you, I own zero PC games that even require 4gigs of ram.

You my friend wasted that money. I'm looking to build a new rig next year for the next gen PC games ie BF4, Star Citizen etc and my limit is $800. (mind you I'm selling parts so its costing me around $500)

Though I love gaming on PC, I'm clearly getting a PS4 this fall. PC is a great platform, but when it comes to tech, I'm sorry but the most wins EVERYTIME! Never mind how many crossfire or SLI configs you have, at the end of the day....is this install base going to reach 100mill or even be worth a damn?

If anyone can....name me a PC title that even required 8gigs of ram (mind you not a crappy unoptimized crappy game)?

I can't name you a single one despite mainly people owning "beast" rigs. You know why? Those many are not 160million people. Yet from 2005 to 2013 I can't name one, I can name about a dozen coming to PS4 DAY 1! PS4 and 720 games will go past PC games EASY just for that reason alone. PC will come back like always, but just like this gen, consoles will be the gold standard with indie titles leading the way for great, exclusive PC experiences ie STAR CITIZEN!
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DragonKnight  +   957d ago
You both lost the game. josephayal is a super troll and you both fed him.
Ezz2013  +   956d ago
every time people fall for him....every time
Welcome2Die  +   956d ago
Why is he still here? Seriously?
CEOSteveBallmer  +   956d ago
Haha I never knew he was a super troll. There was this article about always online, He said he has internet has nothing to worry about. I told him Lucky for you because almost 50% of people dont have internet worldwide. And he said 98% of people have internet. Wow mind boggling answer actually. That's when I realized that hes.... A troll
tee_bag242  +   956d ago
Cool story
givemeshelter  +   956d ago
Running two generation old GPU's and a CPU that's of the mobile variant. No...These are not Super High End PC's...
younglj01  +   957d ago
As long I dont have too worry about the amount of hackers on PC then I'm cool with it....
ATi_Elite  +   957d ago
The Glorious PC Gaming Master Race
The age of Linear hallway, 5 on screen enemies, rinse repeat Gaming is DEAD.

It's time consolers get a taste of what PC Gamers have had for a long time.

HUge Open worlds, complex enemy A.I., a magnitude of on screen enemies, SP experience but having 100's of real gamers sharing your world, 100 hour gameplay, user created content, mods, Games driven by Gamers, etc..

Sure the 8 hour console SP games make for great rental but it's time consolers got more for their $60. MMO's and ONline MP is where the fun is at. I've paid $35 for Arma 3 Alpha and have already logged over 100 hours in it. This is just the Alpha and when the full game is released I don't have to pay another dime and will have like 150 hours of fun already.

Hopefully this type of AWESOME GAMEPLAY and value goes to consolers next gen. Sure Tomb Raider, Far Cry 3, Bioshock Infinite are Great games but they are on the PC too

and DO NOT say "buh buh but PS3 Exclusives" cause God of War Ascension is not even at a million units sold Meanwhile Simcity, PC Exclusive did 1.5m day 1

So next Gen consoles need to provide consolers with MORE VALUE and with the x86 architecture hopefully consolers will get that value from PC Devs giving them great games to play.
DragonKnight  +   957d ago
"The age of Linear hallway, 5 on screen enemies, rinse repeat Gaming is DEAD."

jeffgoldwin  +   957d ago
Well the most played game on any console is Mario brothers. So what exactly is your point?
DragonKnight  +   956d ago
@jeffgoldwin: Really? Are you sure you're not confusing sales with play time? Because what you said couldn't be more incorrect unless you did. And my point is self-explanatory given the irony of a pc elitist touting some supposed superior gameplay elements on PC when the most played PC games can be played on pretty much anything out now.
ATi_Elite  +   956d ago
32 million People play League of legends which makes it the most popular game in the world oh and it's a PC Exclusive!

Google it!
DragonKnight  +   956d ago
OOoohhhh 32 million people play an MMO. TEH POWAH OF TEH PC!!!!

Pfff. Get over yourself.
BitbyDeath  +   956d ago
League of Legends looks pretty good, i remember when i came across graphics like those on the PS2. Good times indeed.
ExCest  +   956d ago
LoL is no MMO so get off your misinformed ignorance-pony and live in reality for a bit.

Oh yea. WoW is dying (as far as I can remember) so that point is worthless now.
HiddenMission  +   957d ago
I dont think youve ever played a console game...built for a console...they are just better which is why real gamers own consoles.

PC games built for PC are very static with little to no cinematic value in the actual gameplay. Instead they focus more on tech and deep convoluted lore.

Gamers want immersion which is why console gaming is a better business than PC gaming...because true immersion is found in games built for consoles.
SonyPS4  +   956d ago
So for a game to be good it has to feel like a movie? I am confused at this comment. :S
HiddenMission  +   956d ago

Name 1 true AAA game that didnt have cinematic values? To be good no to be great yeah...its called being the complete package. Its the reason why the God of War games have sold and review better than games that dont have the cinematic extras.

Games dont need to be movies but they must be immersive which is cinematic value helps greatly. The highest rated games of all time are praised for their top tier cinematic values.

Only real gamers know what I mean.
Dasteru  +   956d ago

So you prefer to play interactive movies that involve more sitting and staring at scripted cinematics? $60 for an 8 hour campain comprised of 2 hours worth of cutscenes is your idea of a good game?

hmm, to each their own i guess. I'll stick with actual games thanks.

90% of console players are 12-14yo kids who don't even know the meaning of the word gamer, they think spending 20+ hours a day on COD multiplayer makes them "Gamers", most refuse to even play anything that isn't an FPS.

Real gamers play all types of games on as many platforms as they can afford, They don't bitch about an otherwise good game just because it doesn't have multiplayer. They don't bitch about a good game just because of bad graphics, which is actually kind of ironic. PC games typically have the better visuals and yet console gamers are almost always the first to complain when a game looks bad.
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givemeshelter  +   956d ago
So you love watching a video game as opposed to playing it HiddenMission?
HiddenMission  +   956d ago

1) There are roughly 200 million console gamers as of right now...you really think that 180 million of them are kids between the ages of 12 and 14. Yeah I don't think you really know what you're talking about here...

2) No I like playing my games which is one of the reasons Heavy Rain got stale for me. That doesn't mean I don't want immersion through cinematics...it's not a gain one lose the other scenario. Look at God of War games high cinematic value that is integrated into combat and traversal sequences.

3) Again no you don't know what you're talking about console gamers "b*tch* about bad graphics when the title is multiplat and one version get's screwed.

4) Console gamers and real gamers don't want tacked on MP/Co-Op...they want it to be integrated with thought and care...

5) And the last thing I have for you is that we don't care if a game is 8 hours long if those 8 hours are so unbelievable that our memories of the game will be with us for years to come (Journey says hi). Who wants a 1000 hours of a mediocre game just so they can justify how much they spent on a title...answer cheap ass PC gamers who b*tch about the price of new games yet they get them for $35 and that's if they even pay considering most just steal off of torrent sites...which is why PC devs have been moving towards consoles over the course of this current console gen.

See response to dasteru
MysticStrummer  +   956d ago
"DO NOT say "buh buh but PS3 Exclusives" cause God of War Ascension is not even at a million units sold Meanwhile Simcity, PC Exclusive did 1.5m day 1"

Which one of those games functioned correctly at launch? Hmmm...
Sy_Wolf  +   956d ago
Yeah, Sim City 3 is totally a reason to be a PC gamer *facepalm*
humbleopinion  +   956d ago
It's funny, because what ATI_Elite is basically describing here is games with online experience like Shootmania Storm - the latest PC exclusive this month:
Metacritic Average? 75.

Meanwhile at PS3 land:
Guacamelee, a catroonish 2D metrovinia like game garners a metacritic of 85:

Meanwhile at Xbox 360 land:
Battleblock theatre is proving to what is probably one of the most fun co-op (and competitive) platformers ever, sporting hours of levels plus user created content

And the great thing? both these console games are 15$ digital games so you don't have to shell out tons of money for these great experiences.

You want something a bit bigger with higher production values? Great! Either console offers its "X of war" game - with the latest game in the series released just one month, both with single player and multi player experience, and both with cinematic production values not offered by any PC exclusive game to date.
All at the same time, PC exclusive gamers can choose to play the thrilling experience of Cities in Motion 2! Lets build a train to connect between two cities! So much fun in PC exclusive land! (well - at least it's not always online like the latest SimCity)

The Original Xbox had an x86 architecture as well, but still in the current gen (which was solely PowerPC) more developers jumped ship and embraced consoles. It was never about the architecture but rather about the development tools and ease of use.
EvilFluff91  +   957d ago
Oh shut up!
nofallouthero  +   956d ago
kingduqc  +   956d ago
I don't get why people act like console have good games. They are all real short, gameplay is basic because of the controller only have 12 buttons and made like a movie: linear and boring story to please mass market.
DragonKnight  +   956d ago

Never touched a console game ever.
Welcome2Die  +   956d ago
"to please mass market"

Its because you PC kids never pay for games.
solar  +   956d ago
720p at 60fps has arrived. welcome next gen.
taquito   956d ago | Trolling | show
Gamerzforlife   956d ago | Spam
MysticStrummer  +   956d ago
I love all the PC gamers that need to convince people to game on PCs. They just come as completely insecure about their platform of choice. It's highly entertaining. Meanwhile, most of the best games they'll play will be console ports just like always. Check the GotY lists for the last decade to verify that.
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Rhaigun  +   956d ago
I enjoy consoles because I can afford them, and they give me great games. Why would I spend $800+ on a PC that's going to be equivalent to a PS4 or 720? Look, I understand the PC has some nice exclusives, but games like Diablo 3 and The Witcher are taking the leap. Its only a matter of time when most others will as well.
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inFAMOUS_KRATOS  +   956d ago
crytek is boring..... i rather play socom 2 all day then anything you put out your entire life ..
tee_bag242  +   956d ago
Like somewhen already said.AI real gamer will have any system they can get their hands on so they can play all the best games. They are unbiased when assessing a good game no matter which platform.
Some people can't afford to do this and that's fine too. But otherwise, choosing one of the other and declaring a winner is lame. Saying a console has more power than a high end PC is also misinformation, that's never happened.
I find that consoles offer good value, PC's spank the competition in performance but that doesn't always come cheap.
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