Xbox 720 And PS4 Are Going To Be Much More PC Driven - Crytek

"Crytek has shared their thoughts on next-gen consoles and mentioned that they will be much more PC driven. The consoles are made using PC architecture and it's something that's done to make it easier for game developers to develop games."

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Arai1861d ago

No sh... captain obvious /sarcasm.

zebramocha1861d ago

@arai he must've been a "prophet" to avert that crysis.

minimur121861d ago

crytek are really starting to annoy me.

SolidStoner1861d ago

I dont like crytek since they started to tell people how amazing graphics they have, but they forgot to add that theyre gameplay sucks and graphics actually looks very bad and sad...

malokevi1861d ago

Who keeps posting crap like this? Its not news, its spam.

ijust2good1861d ago

Can someone tell him that Crysis 3 has already been beaten in the graphics department by Killzone Shadow Falls & BF4 and will certainly beat it in the gameplay department which should be more of an easier task.

jeffgoldwin1861d ago

Wow by Killzone really? Last I checked Killzone could not be played in 1080p or 4k resolution, so it seems your fanboyism is just a bit over the top here. Think you need to reel it in a bit.

mochachino1861d ago (Edited 1861d ago )

BF4 yes, but I need to see more of Shadow Falls first. Doesn't matter though, games are hitting their apex in terms of raw graphics due to game budget ceilings.

The biggest revolution in gaming now would be the development of a much cheaper way to make games.

Ezz20131861d ago (Edited 1861d ago )


dude he's talking about Killzone Shadow Fall *PS4* launch title
which is 1080p

hellvaguy1861d ago (Edited 1861d ago )

"dude he's talking about Killzone Shadow Fall *PS4* launch title which is 1080p"

So a game not even released for another 6 months minimum and certainly not in 4k resolution. Idk that still reeks of fanboyism to me.

In 6 months time, there will be even better mods and graphic packs, plus who knows what other games will be released by then to take the graphics title. Too much speculating imo.

Fluke_Skywalker1861d ago (Edited 1861d ago )

It's not all about resolution you know, 720p, 1080p, 4k(p?) A high res turd is still a turd.

Sy_Wolf1861d ago

@jeffgoldwin I can play Pac Man in 4k, does that make it a more graphically pretty game then anything current?

Zhipp1861d ago

I dunno about Killzone, but that BF4 video impressed me more than Crysis 3 did.

_-EDMIX-_1861d ago

@Jeffgoldwin- Last I don't even have a PC game to compare it to. How on earth do you know its underperforming?

Quick question, I own a HD you see me playing BF4 1080p 60fps? LOL!

Have you seen what it took to run BF4 1080p 60fps? I got news for you, it wasn't whats in a PS4 so I don't know why your making it sound like PS4 failed at something.

Go online and see what it takes to run a 4K game and then tell me if it even makes sense to make such a machine.

yewles11861d ago


"Have you seen what it took to run BF4 1080p 60fps?"

It was actually 3K (2880 x 1620), running on a setup that included TWO HD 7990's. Why 3K? Because current display inputs can't do 4K w/o being locked at 30fps. We'll have to wait for HDMI 2.0 for that... but then again, who wants to shell out the money for that generally?

R6ex1861d ago

Bring out CryEngine 4 already.

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PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt1861d ago

hes saying this because he's letting out know.. PC gamers are coming to console...

IaMs121861d ago

This is good though, a win for everyone, especially the PC crowd. Maybe there wont be anymore shotty ports to either consoles if they are similar enough.

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DragonKnight1861d ago

Why can't Crytek shut up for just a month. Don't say anything about anything for just one month. Please. Is that really so much to ask? They have an opinion about everything all the damn time.

pandaboy1861d ago

what do you expect them to do, sit in silence when asked questions in the interview?

ichimaru1861d ago

It's an interview. You answer questions. don't catch so many feels

gamernova1861d ago

What a shocker!! At least console gamers are finally going to get a glimpse of what us PC gamers have been experiencing all along. I say good! About damn time and this only means good things for all of gaming.

NeoTribe1861d ago

I pc game as well as console game. If i had to choose between the two it would be consoles. Pc is missing out on the pure comfort, community, and exclusives consoles provide. Prettier graphics dont cut it.

DwightOwen1861d ago

Bite your tongue.

Comfort - Not everyone prefers slouching on a sofa, although anybody with a graphics card made after 2007 (HDMI output, yay) can easily move their desktop into the living room. A wired 360 controller works with 99% of console ports and the drivers install automatically when you plug it in. No muss, no fuss. Of course, there is a wireless version available too.

Community - You must be on crack if you truly believe this.

Exclusives - This is your only valid point, but I could just as easily rattle off several exclusives that you can only get on PC. It all comes down to what genres one prefers, really.

pupunoob1861d ago

The one thing I prefer about consoles are they're convenient and there's nothing to upgrade. It lasts a few years. Insert disk and play. PC can be a little annoying but other than that PC overall is better.

tee_bag2421861d ago

The only thing I like better about consoles is no one cheats in multiplayer games like bf3. Other than that PC is the superior platform and doesn't need to make any compromises like a console,, but having a quality rig costs $$$'s unless you want to build and ugly ghetto rig.
I'm all for the consoles getting some more power, hopefully it's going to unshackle these multiplat engines abit more

givemeshelter1861d ago

The Steam Community alone is in the tens of millions. As for exclusives? The PC actually has 10-1 more exclusives then the Xbox60 and the PS3 combined. It all comes down to what games you like.
Last point? This is not 2001...Any laptop or desktop can hook up to your HDTV and use ANY controller for most games.

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TemplarDante1861d ago

Cervat Yerli "Next gen, We, Crytek must focus on gameplay rather than graphics as the gameplay of Crysis is weak. But if you think thats bad, the story is weaker. We must improve. You have my word on that. Gameplay > Graphics for the win! " ....

Thats what I THOUGHT he would say.
He DID NOT say that.... unfortunately.