Epix PS3 App Impressions

GE writes:

The Epix app for PS3 is yet another option to appease a gamer’s hunger for video content. Essentially a VOD application for all that Epix offers, this app is a fine addition to the many options already available. For 14 days PSN users can have access to Sports entertainment, concerts, stand-up comedy and over 3000 HD movies.

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Godmars2901862d ago (Edited 1862d ago )

Still not getting the subscription model, much like how my cable provider doesn't carry them but I have access to the free trial.

But to really nit-pick I have a minor issue with "giving" it to PS+ members. PS+ should be kept a games-only service.

blackblades1861d ago

Your last sentence is a fail.

Godmars2901861d ago

how? Until this one little thing everything about PS+ was game related.

Skate-AK1861d ago

Well it depends on the interpretation of PS+. It could be spun to mean its everything Playstation, plus more. Epix would fall under the plus more catagory.

Soldierone1862d ago (Edited 1862d ago )

I guess I used it incorrectly? When I used it, there were like 20 movies. I clicked one and it wanted me to subscribe. I have DirecTV which openly turned the service down, so I can't subscribe through my cable service. So I deleted it.

I'm PS Plus, so do I HAVE to subscribe to get my "free" movie? Or do I just get one? If I get free movies, I'll download the app again. Otherwise stick to Netflix, or keep waiting for Starz/HBO to come.

kingPoS1861d ago (Edited 1861d ago )

I'll tell you what...
Fridays and Saturday bonafide movie nights. Just lookit yer friend list at those times.

Dat +

FamilyGuy1861d ago

I didn't know it offered a free movie a week to ps+ subscribers, I might check this out afterall.