Grand Theft Mario - Interview with the Artist behind it

You have seen the quite awesome "Grand Theft Mario" crossover art on Kotaku and other websites already, now they are featured on the biggest website related to video game fana rt as well including an Interview with the artist behind them, Amirul Hafiz from Malaysia.

In the Interview i asked Amirul about the series, future projects and last but not least his personal favourite game characters and more.

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Commandar_Shepard1892d ago

Maybe if GTA5 comes to the Wii U we could see some new outfits such as Mario and Luigi ones. But sadly, with the way things are going, it looks like that won't happen. :(

Hoffmann1892d ago

Very doubtable anyway, so far Nintendo and Rockstar never worked on something together, and Nintendo would never want to see their Mascots in a game like know they always try to be family friendly etc...

Commandar_Shepard1892d ago

They did make a big deal about GTA Chinatown Wars in the past but I get what you're saying.

Having a family-friendly company like Nintendo have its characters make appearances in a controversial series like GTA wouldn't go over well with the mainstream media.

banjadude1892d ago

Nintendo SHOULD do a GTA style Mario game... go for the LULZ! :D

Xer0_SiN1892d ago

wow props to this artist. absolutely stunning work. makes mario into a more likeable character; even luigi! characters just brimming with...bravado LOL.

LOL_WUT1892d ago

This would be interesting to see. ;)

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