Age of Empires II: HD Edition Review – The Aged War Veteran I TheKoalition

Asad Quadri of TheKoalition writes:
In 1999, Ensemble Studios along with publishers Microsoft released the smash hit real-time strategy game Age of Empires II. A game which allowed you to play as 1 of 13 unique, medieval civilisations including the Mongols, the Mayans, the Japanese, the Persians, the Britons, the Saracens and many others. It's expansion pack The Conquerors added 4 other factions, new units and much more. Playing on single maps offered hours of gameplay where you would manage your settlements, take care of your people, build a mighty army and crush your enemies in battle. There were also campaign missions based off actual events experienced by people such as Genghis Khan, El Cid, Saladin, William Wallace and many more. The game also featured multiplayer to wage war with friends and mod support for some really creative user content. The game received multiple awards, topped the sale charts in 7 countries and to this day it's regarded as one of the greatest and most influential RTS games ever made.

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