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Saturday’s Xbox Live Outage Shows Dangers of Always On DRM

"If you were somehow gleefully unaware, this Saturday Microsoft’s Xbox Live saw a rather significant outage, as the service was down for most of the day. By the end of the day they were able to restore most of the network, but certain parts like group chat just simply did not function and were still being worked on in the wee hours of the night. " | Explosion.com (Microsoft, Xbox 360, Xbox LIVE, Xbox One)

Belking  +   772d ago
Xbox live was never down. It was a problem with user accounts. Stay classy N4G. Laughing stock of the gaming community.
PooEgg  +   772d ago
If you don't like N4G, why are you here? Are you lost?
SilentNegotiator  +   772d ago
Are the user accounts not connected to XBL? Interesting, I had no idea. /s

MS already said that there is a problem with people not being able to connect. Why continue with the denial via trying to create technicalities?
Belking  +   772d ago
"MS already said that there is a problem with people not being able to connect"

Doesn't mean Live itself was down. Big difference there.
There were problems but Live itself wasn't down. You could still connect but not using your own gamertag. Anyway the problem was fixed quickly. Something that other company couldn't do. Live is still a solid service. You guys can keep hoping that live will have a big outage like PSN but it probably not gonna happen. PSN still hold that record.
The_Infected  +   772d ago
Whats the difference you couldn't do much of anything when Xbox Live is down anyways so online DRM would only hurt single player well I couldn't even play that because my saves were in the cloud and it was offline so I still couldn't play where I left off.
MysticStrummer  +   772d ago
PS3 fans stuck around while the 360 folk had their fun posting doom articles a few years back and generally running down the PS3. We not only stuck around, we multiplied. You think N4G is a laughing stock only because of the PS3 crowd? Think again. Fans of all consoles contribute to N4G's rep. N4G has never been classy.
3-4-5  +   772d ago
@Belking -You took time to sign up for a name on the site that is the laughing stock on the gaming community though.

Doesn't say much about you that you are ripping what you are I guess.

You must pick through the trash to find the treasure.

This site isn't all bad.
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rainslacker  +   772d ago
I personally couldn't care less what other forums think of N4G. I find it a convenient place to get a lot of gaming news without having to hunt them down.

Sure there's a lot of crap stories, too many opinion pieces passed off as fact, and a lot of troll-bait material, but it also has the quality actual news stories as well if one were to look past the front page and top banner.

As far as the users not being classy. Well from my experience the users here are about as classy as any other forum. We have our good and our bad. Give you 3 guesses which one most people think you are.

There are plenty of people here willing and able to give a fun, insightful discussion. It's really too bad people such as yourself have to make it harder for the classy ones to be seen.
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josephayal  +   772d ago
it has never been hacked in it's 12 years of being online, DRM is a good thing
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SilentNegotiator  +   772d ago | Funny
I guess Pachter and Major Nelson fell for a free points scam site, then, right?
WildArmed  +   772d ago
FYI, DRM =/= security.
DRM = Digital Rights Management.
Software_Lover  +   772d ago
One small issue that didn't affect all users concerning Microsoft and we get 50 blog articles approved within 24 hours on the same subject. I recalled only seeing one article approved on the freezing issues, that only affected a few ps3 users, of the ps3 update.

I understand it is because of the always online rumors, but this is just getting ridiculous.
rainslacker  +   772d ago
Shouldn't worry about it too much. Topics such as this pop up from time to time for PS3 and 360, and usually it's just one article, usually accompanied by the same stupid fan boy bickering over which service is better.

I think because of the always on rumors, this kind of thing makes that situation more impactful, which is why it's being blown up.
Catoplepas  +   772d ago
I'd be more concerned with MS's historically woeful 1st and 3rd party support and visibly shifting focus, than rumours of an always online console.

More concerned, that is, if I were stupid enough to purchase another of their consoles.
stuna1  +   772d ago
And yes you are entitled to your opinion! But looking at the disagrees, obviously you are not.
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jeffgoldwin  +   772d ago

You feel better about your console now after venting and posting a troll nothing whatsoever to do with the article. Good, so glad that made you feel better. Now run along.
Catoplepas  +   772d ago
You know, I strangely do.

The 360 is a testament to that age old adage, "it could always be worse".

Jokes aside, I don't need validation. I don't let pointless corporate loyalties stop me from making informed, rational, gaming related decisions.

Now, run along.
Zoron007  +   772d ago
I had no issues yesterday signing in. Guess I'm lucky.
stuna1  +   772d ago
Sony fanboy this, Sony fanboy that! As some can't remember in retrospect! The same ones calling foul, are the same ones that were involved.

Those who claim that sony fanboys are the reasoning behind the site gaining hits and thereby heat, no! That's not it by a long shot! You are the reason the article gains hits and thereby heat, because you take the time to respond!

It's just simple Socialolgy! How many people do you know that will argue with themselves? Unless they are crazy of course! But then again this is N4G isn't it?!

@ The disagrees

So just because something get approved you have to comment on it? Or you know someone who argues with themselves?
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jeffgoldwin  +   772d ago
The dangers of not being able to sign in online?

Is suddenly playing a video game equivalent to a meth addiction, where if you cannot log in you will have severe withdrawal symptoms and go nuts?
MasterCornholio  +   772d ago
Regardless if the rumors of the 720 are true.

Any console with an always online DRM system is bad news for gamers no matter if its made by Sony, Microsoft or Nintendo.
mmj  +   772d ago
Xbox Live will become a prime target for DDOS attacks if they try to enforce always online, everyone can see it for what it is... a veiled attempt to FURTHER undermine the consumer rights of gamers.
Igniter  +   772d ago
The problem yesterday was with signing in not the ability to stay on. All of my friends that got on early were able to keep on playing. Those of us trying to get on later could not. So the problem was with account authentication and signing on. I'm not saying this in support of MS or always-on but an always signed on console wouldn't have had this problem.
mmj  +   772d ago
The signing in servers are Xbox Live, all games are P2P aren't they? Xbox Live is like Skynet there is no 'system core' but only AFTER you have signed in.. if you want to bring Xbox Live to its knees you flood the signing in servers with a DDOS attack and this is exactly what happens.
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Pillsbury1  +   772d ago
No DRM next gen or boycott, OCCUPY NEXT GEN!
tweet75  +   772d ago
i went through a period this console gen that i didnt have access to internet or wifi because of money. I was still able to play all my games. If microsoft does this I simply will boycott them. I will not tolerate not being able to play my games offline.
CynicalKelly  +   771d ago
"Being down for most of the day" LoLwut? You mean the four-Five hours that people couldn't send messages? I was on the entire time playing games online.

It was not hacked, not offline and disagrees won't make you right.

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