Thieves Charge 15,000 Microsoft Points To Victim's Live Account

You might want to think twice about keeping your credit card information stored on your video game consoles, especially after reading the cautionary tale of one Xbox 360 owner who unwittingly bought 15,000 Microsoft Points for a bunch of thieves. The story of Clinton's bad luck combined with bad judgment is a bit of a scary one. The Canadian gamer writes that he was robbed to the tune of about $25,000 when someone broke into his residence, swiping his Xbox 360, games and computer equipment, as well as the keys to his truck.

But it's the Points he's pissed about.

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ASSASSYN 36o3690d ago (Edited 3690d ago )

Not Microsofts problem. The idiot should have used a password to lock his xbox-live functions. I got a roommate and I won't dare tell him the code to get online on my 360. The password protection can also restrict online purchasing specifically. Stealing my 360 would net you a useless console. You can't register it with microsoft. If I report it stolen. And if you manage to get online with it. You can be traced. Same with my zune.

jpod3690d ago

How can you say it was his problem? If you live with your family and don't care who uses it, and know for sure they won't charge anything, you wouldn't password protect it either. No one expects their house to get robbed. It's still a Microsoft problem for not taking care of it, and not allowing the option to remove a credit card of their database.

RecSpec3690d ago

"Stealing my 360 would net you a useless console."

Sorry, couldn't help but laugh at that.

ChrisGTR13690d ago

mmm... im pretty shure if the guys that stole the 360 are going online their address can be tracked...

poos33690d ago

ALL 360 FANS PLZ BOYCOTT Kotaku the are the most microsoft biased site ive seen to date and are pro sony this site all has bad news for the 360 while praising every thing ps3 just watch them and its easy to notice

ZTO Jamie3690d ago

What are you on?

They're reporting a story that a guy got his points stolen.

Try reading the entire article before making stupid comments.

Can you do that? You know, READ. It can be quite har for people of your brain capacity, but please try.

CyberSentinel3690d ago

problem solved.

Pathetic Lemmings, and Their Scare Tactics.

Spydr073690d ago

Couldn't have said it any better myself. If someone stole my PS3 I would simply cancel the card attached to the unit. Sounds like common sense.

Marceles3689d ago

Pfff...Kotaku's hated Sony ever since the whole Home rumor incident. That's one of the last gaming sites I would accuse of liking PS3 more than the 360.

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MaximusPrime3690d ago

xbox 360 motto: "jump in"

on the second thought, no thanks

mirroredderorrim3690d ago

I hope Microsoft refunds his cash. That's F'ed up.
Ban his account and destroy all those involved in spending the points. It's not hard to track this kind of thing down.

A meticulous investigation is what's needed, by Microsoft and the Federal Government, due to the excessive amount of money at stake.

THWIP3690d ago (Edited 3690d ago )

"excessive amount of money at stake"'s less than $200 ($187.43, in fact ) need for a Federal investigation. o_0

fartanspartan3690d ago

Its a litte more then $187, its more around $312 and it also comes to about 79 mspoints for $1. Sure maybe not as expensive as somethings that were stolen but still sucks for him.

Nostradamus3690d ago

Below that, the highest he could have taken it was the state.

That is, if he is in the US, I didn't read the article.

THWIP3690d ago

Um, no. Did the link I provided not make it simple enough for you? That's a direct the penny. I don't know where you got your figures...but you're wrong.

gogators3690d ago

is anything over a 1000 dollars in the US and any amount stolen can be a federal offense. Anything stolen or combination of things stolen over 1000 dollars automatically becomes a felony. If someone steals even 5 dollars worth of goods and transports it across state lines, then that becomes a federal crime. I think the guy had over 25,000 dollars stolen and thus the criminals have committed a felony.

fartanspartan3689d ago (Edited 3689d ago )

Ok. I guess I misread something in the article about how many points were bought on his account. But still my figures of 312 for 25000 were not wrong. And my 79points for a $1 is from using the Zune Marketplace to buy songs.

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