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The Zerg Queen can be described as a WarCraft III Hero, of a sort, as it is just one of a kind, and every Zerg player must have one. Or is it really? StarCraft: IncGamers has the inside scoop on The Queen of your Hive Cluster.

"There has been a fear for adding 'hero' units in StarCraft II from the community, and seeing this new Queen unit chopping away Marines with abandon is slightly unnerving for anyone of us. The fact that she 'upgrades' and gets better with time will ring another alarm bell, but this isn't really the truth. Yes, a fully upgraded Queen is rather powerful, but if you kill her, your opponents needs to spawn a new one and evolve her in two steps to have her back."

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Hellgiver3564d ago

I'd like to try out what they've done with her. Though, I would like my parasite and spawn broodlings back :( They were always fun to use if you had 12 queens who could parasite all the enemy observers or all enemy overlords, or broodling every single tank in the enemy base in the span of 5 seconds. Ah, fun times :)

Leord3563d ago

Still, over all, the old queen was a bit under-used. The "broodling" ability is now given to the Swarm Guardian, only that it doesn't kill off the unit, but every shot spawns two very weak broodlings.