GameSpy: The World Ends With You Preview

GameSpy writes: "While we were expecting something derivative in Square Enix's upcoming RPG The World Ends With You, what we found was actually fresh and exciting.

The World Ends With You begins as teenage Neku wakes up in the middle of Shibuya with no idea of what's going on, or how he got to the city. As he tries to figure out the situation, he gets a text message with a cryptic note saying he needs to be at a certain location within 60 minutes or he'll "face erasure." He blows it off as some strange prank until he's attacked by strange monsters, unarmed and unable to fight back. As he flees from his assailants, he bumps into a girl, Shiki, who instructs him to form a pact with her so that they can hold their own against these baddies and figure out how to survive."


-entertaining combat
-fascinating story


-It's fairly repetitive
-may be a bit too complex for some

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