CheatCC Multiplatform Review: MLB 08 The Show - Take Me Out to the Ballgame

CheatCC writes: "Another edition of Sony's MLB simulator is here just in time for Spring Training. The title released for the entire Sony family of consoles. As you might expect, the PS3 version stands head and shoulders above the other two, however, the PS2 and PSP versions are very compelling in their own right. All three games do a good job of using the available computing power of their respective consoles to bring the professional baseball experience to gamers everywhere. If you own a Sony and like hardball, stick with the home team; SCEA San Diego has created a near-perfect baseball simulator."

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Area_513754d ago

I love this game!!! I played 07 alot but never the RTTS, but that changed this year after hearing everyone say how good it is. I started last night and put in a 4hr session on the Road To The Show, but my first five or so games I was stinking up the place I had a .089 batting avg after 5 games. I hung in there and I've batted 280 avg in Spring Training. So I made the Team!!! $40,000 contract for AA Reading Philles......woot hoot. I love this game Sony really nailed this game, now i wish they would step up the Basketball game. competition is good for everybody....cough "EA"