New GT5:P Vs Reality screenshots

Amazing Side-to-side screenshots of cars in Gran turismo 5 prologue on PS3 and real life screenshots

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niall773441d ago

GT5p looks pretty darn amazing.

Da360sucks3441d ago

1 of the funny statements i heard
in a long time

sonarus3441d ago

How you know a game looks good is when it gets compared with real life. I don't think any game has come this close at least not on consoles

CrazzyMan3441d ago

This is what Sony promised to us. =)
It took some time, BUT it was WORTH. =)

p.s. and i wouldn`t mind to get 5th bubble back, thnx. =))

TheSadTruth3441d ago

when Im zoomed out I honestly can't the difference which is very impressive

too bad I can't stand racing sims

Violater3441d ago

thems some yellow frogs i see

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Le-mo3441d ago

If someone showed me screenshots of GT Prologue and told me it was the real thing I would've believed them.

mighty_douche3441d ago

The F50 look's better in GT land!

MaximusPrime3441d ago

you dont get "Forza vs reality screenshots" when Forza came out.

Great stuff btw ;)

eagle213441d ago (Edited 3441d ago )

yeah GT

sonarus3441d ago

i hate it when gamers cannot give credit where it is due. I still remember the idiot that took footage of GT vs forza with a useless camera under poor light just to get people believing like the two games were in the same league visually. I mean you can complain about engine sounds physics gameplay whatever but visuals are clear as night and day. GT5 owns any racer on xbox on pc on whatever