Interview: Jeff Gordon Talks NASCAR 09

Jeff Gordon has been involved in video games his entire life, from playing at the arcades to working with ASC Games on Jeff Gordon XS Racing for PlayStation in 1999 to gracing the cover of the upcoming NASCAR 09. The four-time Sprint Cup Series champion took some time after spending a full day with EA Sports recording audio and video for the game in Charlotte, North Carolina, to talk about his passion for racing, video games and Rock Band.

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Regret3928d ago

Oh, that turn-left-game. Hahaha.

PimpHandStrong3928d ago

i was going to say that

fuk Nascar

4cough3928d ago

Nascar, I would rather watch paint dry.

Electronic Arts3928d ago

I forget what this has to do with gaming

BrianC62343928d ago

What it has to do with gaming? It's about EA's next NASCAR racing game. Is that not enough about gaming for you?