Top 10 Xbox 360 Games

Live 360 Wirtes: "We decided to do a story on what we thought were our Top 10 Xbox 360 Games ever released. What followed was much debating, and a few broken bones. Some members wanted this game here and that game there, but thankfully we were able to figure it out. We have complied the list of the Top 10 games based on graphics, gameplay, story, sound, longevity, innovation, and plain ol' fun."

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TwissT3725d ago

I personally think Bioshock should be in the top 3 of that list maybe even number 1 but hey thats just me I guess.

tony3725d ago

first, a bubble for that observation. and second this is a very inaccurate list.
and how in the world bioshock is # 9 and chromehounds is # 8? i agreed, bioshock should be in the top 3, with call of duty 4 and gears of war.

poos33724d ago

HAHAHAHAH ITS SO funny99% of the people commenting on the 360 top 10 games are all sonytr...s get alife ppeople plz u bash the 360 now u care about the postion of 360 games on charts LOL

heyheyhey3725d ago

put COD4 in front of Halo and you've probably got it mostly right

but GRAW2?? what about DMC4- but i am a DMC fanboy so w/e

jmare3724d ago (Edited 3724d ago )

this list is kind of BS. I think many people would agree that there needs to be a serious restructuring. Bioshock should have been higher and I am really surprised that they called Oblivion as #1. As a side note, This list is a prime example as to why people say the 360 is just for shooters.

Fux4Bux3724d ago

Ugh these blog lists are always retarded. Why is Chromehounds on here?

dachiefsman3724d ago

totally agree...chromehounds was an interesting game but should not be mentioned in the top bioshock should be higher than 9.....this guy must be on drugs...

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The story is too old to be commented.