Gears of War Hits 5 Million in Sales for the Xbox 360

Epic Games's Gears of War has sold over 5 million copies worldwide for the Xbox 360. Becoming the 3rd game for the console to hit the 5 million mark.

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sonarus3692d ago

Great achievement for gears as well. But that is enough Vgchartz sales figures for one day

toughNAME3692d ago

No other 360 game has sold 5 million today, so I think that's enough for now

chaosatom3333692d ago

didn't COD4 just did that and now Gears at the same time. This has to be old.

poos33692d ago

ahahahahah u sony people are getting slower and slower didnt halo 3 sell 10 million units ?

I Call 9MM3692d ago

I can't believe how long this game has been at 59.99 for. Even CoD4 has come down in price at most retail outlets, but this game is still 60 bucks. Damn popular and fun, that's for sure.

HarryEtTubMan3692d ago

I'm one of those 5 million

Danja3692d ago

ok now you've just thrown me a you own a 360..?


HarryEatsMensAzzholesInTheTub, don't be a n00b. We all know you don't have the greatest shooter ever made. So please.

akaFullMetal3692d ago

for a while he has been saying he has one, where have you guys been

Danja3692d ago

Im surprised this got approved ne ways...once again good news for the 360...

iceice1233692d ago

You can only get true AAA greatness like GoW on the 360. The PS3 simply can't handle something this next-gen. Only 360 gamers, real gamers, can enjoy such a AAA blockbuster. Something the Sony waitstation is lagging behind with.

Danja3692d ago

AAA games dont mean how much a game sells...Pokemond sold 20mill is it an AAA ur logic is flawed...and Metacritic doesn't make a game AAA either .

Normally AAA games has huge production values like "MGS4"...just like movies with huge budgets are called Blockbusters..get it..?

gambare3692d ago

1.- gears of war
2.- halo

3.-........ halo?

TheMART3692d ago

3. Bioshock
4. Orange Box (it sucks on PS3)
5. Mass Effect
6. Forza Motorsport

And the PS3? Only Uncharted exclusive just on 90% average. Nothing else. Mmmhhhhh

Bill Gates3692d ago (Edited 3692d ago )

"The PS3 simply can't handle something this next-gen."

Resistance online 40
Gears on line 8


When this game reaches sales like Gran Turismo, give me a call. Oh wait, i'll be dead by then......AAHHHAHAHAHHHAHHAHAH HAHAHAHAHAHA

gambare3692d ago

3. Bioshock
4. Orange Box (it sucks on PS3)
5. Mass Effect
6. Forza Motorsport

let's discard the PC games like bioshock ane let's leave the true exclusive like forza.... and forza looks like trash besides GT5

iceice1233692d ago

WTf is up with GT5? I can crash into damage. It ACTUALLY HELPS TO CRASH INTO PEOPLE TO GET AROUND CORNERS! Wow...what a sim! GT was dethroned by Forza, get over it.

gambare3692d ago

lol you think forza is better than GT5 just because it got model damage? forza looks like a PS2 game, really, people wanted to trash their cars in a racing game they actually will go and buy burnout paradise. If someone give me a racing car, I will try to not to crash it or even scratch it, because racing is based in skills, not in bumping cars like a kid.
so face it, forza is nothing besides GT5

heyheyhey3692d ago


huh what are you talking about? Pokemon Red was definitley AAA


wow, wipe the cum-stain off your eyes and realize that a) full version of GT5 will have damage modelling, b) the GT series is a legacy and it craps all over Forza visually, physically and feature-wise and c) eating play-doh messes with your brain


Orange Box on PS3 has a few more glitches and framerate drops- still a great games, you most certainly can't act like it's a 360 exclusive

Danja3692d ago (Edited 3692d ago )

Did I list ne specific Pokemon game...3 Pokemon game has sold 20 mill there not all AAA..

but then you guys have the wrong concept of what an AAA game whats the use...

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