Call of Duty 4 Hits 5 Million in Sales for the Xbox 360

Infinity Ward's Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare has sold over 5 million copies worldwide for the Xbox 360. Becoming the 2nd best selling game for the console, trailing only Halo 3.

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Blademask3694d ago

They are probably 3 million off.

Lets all agree, no Vgcharts on N4G anymore.

sonarus3694d ago

VGchartz is very inacurate, and have failed two months in a row by predicting 360 outsold ps3. However i have seen them predict ps3 outsell 360 but it was false. Although they they tend to inflate 360 figures a lot more than they do ps3 figures. The bottom line though is you cannot accept VGchartz today and deny them tomorrow. Its nice to know weekly sales figures as NPD is once a month and we rarely ever get authentic data from the UK. So we make due with what we have

Back on topic fantastic achievement for the Xbox360.

Blademask3694d ago

I'm going on the nerd n4g record and saying no more VGchartz for me.

green3694d ago

i agree vgchartz are not accurate,but if you don't like them then ignore the story it is very simple.

i Shank u3694d ago

and always have been. youve gotta take it for what it's worth and not expect totally accurate info from it

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socomnick3694d ago

I might be wrong but isn't this the 3rd game on the xbox 360 that breaks 5 million sale barrier. Halo 3 , Gears and now cod 4.

sonarus3694d ago

ok so i guess we are going to be reporting every game that passes the million mark as news. This is unnecessary imo but whatever

SmokeyMcBear3694d ago

well if it just hit the 5 million mark.. and its second only to halo3... then uh.. im not sure if gears hit the 5 million mark

toughNAME3694d ago

**DMC4 becomes 9th PS3 game to sell 1 million**

This is FIVE million

I agree with you sonarus, but we don't make the rules

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mintaro3694d ago

regardless of vgcharts history of being really inaccruate, if CoD4 360 numbers are even close to that then congrats to them

mighty_douche3694d ago (Edited 3694d ago )

Good for IW, in my opinion this should out sell halo3, it's better (brave statement).

chaosatom3333694d ago

it probably already has combined on both consoles. They are going to make a lot of money on the map pack, since so many people have this game.

TheMART3694d ago

Gears sold more and is 2nd

Gears 2 will outsell Halo 3 with easy though next Christmas. Gears 1 sold over 5 mln. with a userbase of 10 mln. max, Gears 2 with a userbase of by that time over 20 mln. will sell...

sonarus3694d ago

hahah you are still here. I think you are being overly optimistic with the gears of war 2 sales. Gears was regarded as the top of the line for all next gen games when it came out. If it doesn't meet similar goals i am afraid it might not even sell up to its predecessor

Danja3694d ago

Gears of War hasn't broke 5mill yet dude...more like 4.5 Mill

TheMART3694d ago (Edited 3694d ago )

@ sonarus


Wait... Lets talk logic:

Gears 1 was a new IP but sold like hot cakes. About 50% of all 360 owners bought it at that time. One out of two. For a new, unknown IP.

This time around, everybody knows that Gears is still about the best looking next gen game out there on any platform. So:

Fans that bought Gears 1 will buy Gears 2. I bet all those 5 mln. will.

The userbase has more then doubled by the time Gears 2 launches. It'll even be somewhere over 25 mln. users by then. And you think it can't sell 10 mln. copies on 25 mln. users if it sold 5 mln. copies on max. 10 mln. users?

Dude. It's EPIC. Those that also made the freaking nice UT3. Those that have had Gears as the salespitch for their Unreal 3 engine. Those that will have Gears 2 as the showcase for the 2 years after its launch to sell the Unreal '3.5' updated engine to be sold even more. Gears 2 will live up to its expectations and even go over it.

I'll take that bet. I'll buy a ceramic white PS3 if it won't hit that number. What will you do if it hits 10 mln. copies or more?

@ Danja

Dude check the facts. Gears 1 sold over 5 mln. copies period.


at the one below: I've played Uncharted, the game graphics are overhyped. They're good, maybe up to Gears or close but nothing more. Plus I said: "still about the best" which make some room for other games also. Last but not least, Gears came in 2006, Uncharted in 2007, a full year later. I may hope it'll be just on par that much later

COD4 is another graphics style for sure and it looks good indeed. The version with the sharpest and best textures is on the 360 by the way. Thanks for pointing out that game another time

Danja3694d ago (Edited 3694d ago )

dude if ur gonna give me a link atleast make sure it's a reliable website...Gears hasn't sold 5mill yet..either way I dont care good for the 360...three 5mill selling games...Congrats...plz go ahead and bask in it's glory..I understand that good 360 news are rare these days

"This time around, everybody knows that Gears is still about the best looking next gen game out there on any platform. So:" ??????

are you stuck in 2006 or something..? Uncharted is by far the best looking next gen game so far...COD4 looks better than GeOW also...

and GeOW2 will not sell will sell around 4-6 more....not even GTA4 will sell 10mill on the 360..and that games has more mass apppeal

TheMART3694d ago

Danja are you really that stupid???

If Gears 1 with a userbase of 10 mln. has sold about 5 mln. copies...

How much will Gears 2 on a userbase of 25 mln. or more sell??? Really. 2.5 x the userbase it sold about 5 mln. copies on and you say it sells 4 to 6 mln.

I'll speak to you again this Christmas. Gears will sell 10 mln. for sure.

Danja3694d ago

dude ur making it seems as if Gears sold 5 million all at sold 3+ mill in 2006 and the rest throughout last year so stop saying it sold 5 mill with 10x user base..utter crap

why hasn't Halo 3 sold 10x yet and when it came out the 360 had a 15+mill installed base..and it's the biggest game on the 360 ?

Gears will sell to the same crowd that bought the 1st one...just with Halo 3 everyone who owned a 360 bought it for Halo 3...since it didn't really move as much Hardware as M$ had hoped....

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