SOE Boss: It's 'Ridiculous and Foolish' to Say PC Gaming is in Decline

All this talk lately about the downward spiral of the PC games market has gotten under John Smedley's skin. He says the "doom and gloom" is "ridiculous."

"It's ridiculous and foolish to say that PC gaming [is in decline]. I've seen some of the dumbest quotes out there about the business [falling apart]. It's just not true. ... In my opinion, PC gaming is at its brightest point ever," he told GameDaily BIZ.

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BrianC62343754d ago

SOE doesn't need to worry. Their type of PC games aren't in decline. But PC gaming is dropping a lot overall. Any PC game that requires major hardware is moving more to consoles. It's nuts to waste money on upgrading your PC every year just to play PC games.

iamtehpwn3754d ago

Indeed. Your PC may be great for 2 years, but then the PC killer app comes out Like Crysis, and you can only play it on medium

Any Software that comes out for my Ps3, 360, or Wii that comes out 2 years from now will be 100% compatible, not to mention running in "high" graphics. :D

JDW3754d ago

Crysis on medium settings and 1280 x1024 resolutio still is a higher resolution with more detail than you an find on any console.

A 1000$ PC can play Crysis n medium/high play agraphically inferior game on a console you need to pay for the console and the HDTV it's attached to. Not to menton the stupid price of console games.

Sure, PC gaming may require a lot of money up front, but consoles have many hidden costs that add up over a few years.

pwnsause3754d ago

lets rephrase, MMORPGs on PC is not on decline, every Genre in PC gaming is.

Yi-Long3754d ago (Edited 3754d ago )

... think about it, more and more people will get a powerfull PC to act as mediacenter, connected to their HD livingroom screen.

You also can use a powerfull computer as a hUB and oplay games on other pc's in the house, through that HUB.

Anyway, back to the mediacenter, in a few years time many people will have that HD TV, and they will have it connected to a very powerfull TV. Now, it's easy to then just sit on the coach, enter your mediacenter, click a game, and play it with your wireless 360 controller.
You will be playing Flight Simulator X on your bigscreen TV, chilling out, etc.

Putting it simple: the PC will become a much more central part of the HOUSE, not just the studyroom. And especially in the livingroom it will become the main entertainment system (music, HDrecorder, telephone with webcam, anime, games, etc etc).
You will no longer need an expensive stand-alone Blu-ray player, or a stereo, cause everything can be put in that 1 powerfull PC.
And in the studyroom you will have your 'work-pc', where you can quietly do your homework, or your photoshopping, or even gaming when you dont wanna bother the other members of the family, etc.

So yeah, if everything keeps going the way it's going, in a few years the PC should be the central system in every household, connected to the TV, and developers will realize this, and will release games for it, not just RTS and shooters anymore, but also family-oriented games, and games for older people, like quizes etc.
Dont even doubt that once the PC is in that lovingroom, that we'll get some sensors so we can also have Wii-style interaction.

edit: I'm not a PC gamer myself btw. Only these last 3 weeks orso I have been trying a few PC games again cause I just bought a new, high-end pc, but usually I prefer my gaming on a console while lying on my bed with a controller in my hand.

But like I said, once the PC gets into the livingroom and becomes that mediacenter, you will have that opportunity to play your games ona big screen while relaxing on the couch and playing with a joypad, instead of how many gamers NOW play their PC games, cramped behind a desk and watching a 22 inch monitor.

JDW3754d ago

"Dont even doubt that once the PC is in that lovingroom"

My lovingroom is my bedroom......

sumfood4u3754d ago

Bring EverQuest to the PS3 raise peoples spirits!

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