Metal Gear Online Scans & Preview from PSM3

PSM3 reckon MGO seems a little plain so far, but there seems to be an emphasis on strategy (of course) and looks as though tactical play could make MGO a massive hit on the Playstation Network.

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TheDarkHado3632d ago

CAN'T WAIT for all the crouch grabbing action online LOL. (Salutes Old Snake with a tear in eye).

kingOVsticks3632d ago

i just hope I can go through life without a someone knocking me out by grabbing my testicals (which i doubt) but I cannot wait for the beta in april

Cartesian3D3632d ago

cant wait tooo.. for the first 50GB game in the history ..

sonarus3632d ago

sony is disappointing me with MGS4. By may i better see mgs4 posters and MGS4 promotional material invading gamestop, walmart and any other place where games are sold. If there is one thing i can give to msoft they know how to market their games.

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eagle213632d ago (Edited 3632d ago )

I didn't even really know about MGO or the fact it was shipping with the game until this year. Now I am double excited to purchase this game, and I will fight to get my copy (u have been warned!)

click on the second screen page and you will see the tech robots/mechanics are in the online arena! Does anyone know the name of that little robotic guy or guys? nice!

Spike473632d ago

I know what you mean, but the game looks alright to me, I guess it depends on the way you see it,

in my opinion, a futuristic war torn setting should'nt look colorful.

i actually think the game looks more realistic that way.

Panthers3632d ago

I think it has more to do with mood than realism. Kojima is a story teller, and mood is very important.

I mean Halo is supposed to be about aliens and the end of the Human race, yet everything looks like a rainbow took a dump on it.

HeartlesskizZ3632d ago

lol you can barely see that guy on the balcony ready to shoot lol

this game looks to be intense...

I hope they still have all the animal ranks like Doberman,Eagle,Fox, and the best rank.... FoxHound =D

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The story is too old to be commented.