J Allard "Pleased" with XNA on Zune, Press… "Not So Much"

Allard, one of the leading forces establishing the Xbox 360 for Microsoft, has long-since moved on to the Zune product line. Sarcastic Gamer recently learned Allard is still very much interested in gaming, this time on the small(er) screen. Microsoft announced at GDC '08 that XNA is being expanded to allow simultaneous game development across the Xbox 360 and now the Zune media player. Having been working on the initiative for many months without being able to speak about it, Allard was ecstatic to discuss the results of their labors bringing this initiative to its current point.

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jiinn3749d ago

This post is nothing more than a troll. Totally fabricated troll.

Do not approve this story.

rothbart3744d ago

As the author of the article (a writer at, I just wanted to pop my head in here and point out that on Fridays we celebrate "Fiction Friday". Short of a megaton news story, all our stuff is made up on Fridays. We intentionally DON'T submit our articles to sites like or on Fridays to avoid this very type of incident. Unfortunately, this doesn't stop OTHERS from doing it. If you visit the site, the article is CLEARLY marked "Fiction Friday, Fake News" in the tags.

Sorry for the confusion, it's satire. Laugh, damn it! :)

eagle213749d ago

@jinn .. This is from "" what else do you expect? It's light hearted.

xboxfounder3748d ago

Sounds like yet another MS induced Tourette's experience...