Guess Who Hopes to Attend Take Two Shareholder Meeting

Game industry nemesis Jack Thompson has written to the investor relations department at Take Two with the following request:

"I am a Take-Two shareholder and have been for quite sometime. I desire to attend and participate in the April 10 shareholders meeting, particularly as to the EA offer.

Please advise immediately where the meeting is and whether I will be allowed to attend and talk. I hereby specifically request my placement on the agenda."

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skynidas3692d ago

Oh my god this guy is funny, i wonder what is he planning to say on the meeting

Danja3692d ago (Edited 3692d ago )

OK guys before I get verbally raped...I must say I was a huge fan of the HOT COFFEE MOD...and im just hoping that something of the sort will be included in GTA4...

NO_PUDding3692d ago

That's just weird.

Can people not get girlfriends anymore these days?

Tempist3692d ago

So he invests in the parent company of the one he hates... Just so he can speak against them...

MK_Red3692d ago

Hilarious... so he is a shareholder? So he owns some of GTA and it's sales.
It's all clear now.

eagle213692d ago (Edited 3692d ago )

He is a take two shareholder? Next we will find out he does the things that govenor was caught for. He spoke out against GTA :)

Nostradamus3692d ago

I only have 72 shares of EA, and they invite me every year to the meetings.

He probably just bought a few shares so they couldnt kick him out.

TheDarkHado3692d ago

Jack "POS" Thompson Nuff Said

NO_PUDding3692d ago

"Ahhhh Mr Thompson, you've arrived safely I see, can I take you coat?"

"It's heavy, you sure?"

"Ofcourse, I am... Wow why is it so heavy?"

"Brought the loudspeaker incase."

"Ahh, obviosuly"

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The story is too old to be commented.