Child-like intelligence created in Second Life

Four-year-old Eddie might behave like a typical young boy. Outside of the Second Life virtual world, however, he is anything but.

The child is a product of logic-based artificial intelligence and complex modelling techniques, and operates on what has been said to be the most powerful university-based supercomputing system in the world.

A creation of researchers from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Eddie has his own set of beliefs, and the ability to reason about his beliefs to draw conclusions in a manner that matches human children his age.

This includes a partially-developed "Theory of Mind", which allows him to understand, predict and manipulate the behaviour of other agents and of even human players, with whom researchers expect the technology to be able to one day interact with in the real, physical world.

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heyheyhey3687d ago


this is the beginning of the end

Terminator isn't going to seem so ridiculous when stuff like this progresses

xhi43687d ago

did anyone else just get a flashback of terminator?

damn that shi1ts scary!

Sarah conner......where are you!! lol

gambare3687d ago

Then it will start to talk $h1t online and posting fanboy stuff on game forums

Sony PublicRelations3687d ago

I know a friend who uses this game for sexual purposes (as he cannot get laid in real life).

He also owns an XBOX 360 Elite.


Aleusia3687d ago

And if any of you creepy guys out there hit on this bot, the guv's watching you.


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The story is too old to be commented.