Spogs Racing - downloadable, user content featured?

The creator of Madden Football, Scott Orr, is also developing Spogs Racing for WiiWare. Announced in this month's issue of Nintendo Power, the game appears to be one of the games that has a lot of potential. Orr, in an interview, mentions that Spogs Racing will offer downloadable content. Also, he notes that created/customized content has been appearing in many of the company's games. Because of this, perhaps this means user-generated content will be a feature in Spogs Racing as well.

"We'll be making 'racer packs' available for Spogs Racing that will include new content such as tracks, car parts, and more. Racers literally crash and steal upgrade parts from their opponents in real-time. No need to spend money at a garage to buy upgrade parts; instead, get what you need when you need it, and face the challenge of losing your best parts to your opponents. We're also putting a unique social spin into our games with user created/customized content and games that allow novice and hardcore players alike to play each other and have a great time." - Scott Orr

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