Now The Battle Begins: Blu-ray At Center of Console War

The Xbox 360 had an early lead in this console war, but now, Microsoft seems to be faltering behind Sony (and not only in Japan, where the 360 doesn't stand a chance against Nintendo and Sony's vice-like grasp on the market.)

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decapitator3747d ago

Yeah the war between PS3 and 360 really took of after the format war. Now is time to see how those two companies will fight this out. So far Sony has been dominating this year...Microsoft is bout to do well with the recent price.

Danja3747d ago

yes M$ will see a spike in sales due to the price cut...but the PS3 will still outsell the 360 in EU..without dropping it's price...

and if Sony Lowers the price of the PS3 right now in NA the PS3 could be doing Wii numbers..

KINGDRAMA3747d ago

i said it last year. It is now developing in front of your eyes.......Sonys strategy was well divised. They simply went into a war attacking from many different angles trying to reach the sole spot of resistance. That spot everyone wanted seems to be in sonys hands now. Your living room

We will experience a PS3 take over this year in the movie and game front.We all know this, its simply as clear as crytal. Honestly though, do you really think blockbuster games and movies is all that the ps3 can deliver? Do you think a mere dvr function and remote play is all SCE have planned?

LOL.....ps3 is gonna be the center of many home theaters. For many reasons.

Stay tuned, The evil geniuses at sony are not done impressing playstation owners.

Meus Resistance3747d ago

Who really cares about this?

DVD's are here to stay and downloads are becoming more popular every day.

The most important thing are games. In that regard, the PS3 just can't compete.

skynidas3747d ago

why do you try to look like the real Meus

fenderputty3747d ago

I think it's funny trolls do this.

If you really dislike Meus, then you should also know that "Imitation is the GREATEST form of flattery."

iAmPS33747d ago (Edited 3747d ago )

Sony is doing to the US video gaming market what Toyota did with the car market. The Japanese take their jobs and their customers very seriously, hence the success they have achieved so far. PS3 is not gonna be any different from the PS2, specially with Blu Ray being the dominant format, they will sell tons and tons of PS3's.

On the other hand, Microsoft have been treating their customers like sh1t, with a faulty game console that demands sequential purchases and the most ridiculous case of bad hardware development, and finally a game line up for 2008 that is being put to shame by the Wii.

I honestly can see the Japanese executives siting on their boarding rooms and laughing, laughing hard of Nazisoft incompetence.

Nazisoft is too stupid to change, they will keep coming with crap (compare to the Japs) at every gaming generation, just like the American cars. Don't get me wrong, they will learn from their mistakes, but will never be a winner.

eagle213747d ago (Edited 3747d ago )

Blu-ray is icing on the cake...the next 6 months will be extremely interesting.

mighty_douche3747d ago (Edited 3747d ago )

That's what 1 in..... 46735438763584358 Americans?

^roughly ;)

tidus0073747d ago

PS3 outsold x360 in USA too for JAN+FEB

There are 42 million PS2 owners in USA.

30% of them would convert to PS3 with GTA4,MGS4,GT5 PROLOGUE this year.

all those 42 million PS2 owners would be converting to PS3 in the upcoming years

so thats a big amount

meepmoopmeep3747d ago

sony took a HUGE risk with the PS3 and they got it right. this will have a big impact on future consumers migrating to this gen in the next year - 10 yrs.

Danja3747d ago (Edited 3747d ago )

more like in the next 2 10 years Blu Ray would have completely saturated the market

u got owned3747d ago

In 10 years download content will be going strooooooong.

longduckdong3747d ago

this is just starting the 2nd year the PS3 has been out. Developing kits were late and the PS3 is not a familiar structure like the 360 so all we are seeing is 360 games on PS3. But the change is about to begin. By the end of the year certain games (developed specifically for PS3) will begin to show the PS3. But thing is, the way it's made and with blu ray, in 3 years it will become common for one or two levels of a good game to fill a 50 bluray and even then there will be a certain games that use multiple discs.

meepmoopmeep3747d ago

in 10 years MAYBE. but it won't be replacing hard media. just an option.

u got owned3747d ago

Once download content become a reality i think hard media will slow down in terms of sales. is like music, now you can download it from everywhere, there no reason to buy cd's when you can have all your music in one litlle place (ipod).

MorganX3746d ago

The music industry's CD sales are not being destroyed by legal downloads with DRM. They were destroyed by illegal, DRM free downloads. Trust me, the overwhelming majority of people with every song they ever wanted and 5000 track personal libraries on the iPod for mp3 players did not pay from the songs.

This will not happend with Bluray Movies. Case in point, you can get Bluray rips now. They're just too big to proliferate and there's limited places you can play them back. It's difficult if not impossible to put them back onto any medium without losing resolution or audio fidelity. It's easier and cheaper just to buy the disc.

If you download a 320kbs or 256kbs mp3 you can burn it and tranfer it without losing any fidelity. You're comapring apples to oranges.

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