Alone in the Dark - Epic haunting gameplay trailer

If you're afraid of the dark don't worry - the monsters will keep you company.

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green3749d ago

i really want to play this game.Have a feeling that it is going to be really good.

Storm233749d ago

Agreed. I am excited to try this game out. Hope it can help pull Atari out of their huge slump.

green3749d ago

if this game dosent pull them out then i don't know what will.It has the name and it's technically impressive.Hopefully it will have good gameplay and a good story as well.

Anyway it's on my most wanted summer list

jesuisankit3749d ago

This game is gonna rock!!!... I love the games like these and bioshock that give a variety of gameplay. Its gonna be one of those games for this year like Portal, bioshock and COD 4 were for last year. I jus hope they smoothout the animations by the release date. :)

mintaro3749d ago

this game is gonna be crazy!

MK_Red3749d ago

Wow, impressive would be an understatement.

This game could be potential GOTY if this trailer is any indication. The tech demos were nice but this gives me a Dead Rising feel (Which happens to be my overall fave game in the last 2 years). Maybe I just love using everyday objects.

Still, this trailer ROCKS.

tony3748d ago (Edited 3748d ago )

this is in my top 3 of anticipated games for this year. potentially goty. very exciting.

Danja3748d ago

This game is looking real good....but im not so sure bout it beign GOTY material just yet haven't really seen much gameplay videos as yet..

but hopefully it turns out great cuz im looking forward to it....

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The story is too old to be commented.