Games Radar: StarCraft II Preview

Games Radar writes:

"We're crying. Literally. Crying so much we have to wipe our eyes to focus on the screen. It's not an emotion we expected StarCraft II to evoke in us, but what we're witnessing is so funny that we're pissing tears of joy. Having just spent the best part of 20 minutes constructing a colossal army of Level 3 Zerg roaches we've finally had the glorious satisfaction of sending them on an invasion of a totally unsuspecting competitor's base who's spent the same time faffing about building research units and missile silos. Hence he's totally unprepared."

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ip-student3721d ago

Is that you have to react so fast that it is more about your ability to be one with the interface than thinking strategically. I prefer the 4D types games myself - where you have time to consider a strategy and then attempt to implement it. But I suppose with enough time (or if you are young enough) this game rocks.

undacovabrothe3721d ago

HANDS FUKN DOWN! Out of all the ps3 games coming out this year sc2 will get the most playtime out of all of them put together! This game is going to be 1 of the greatest games of all time.

SlyGuy3720d ago

I just hope that the developers recoup their investment in the game.

It totally sux when an AWESOME game like this releases, it passes under the radar due to more hyped up games, then the developers incur losses. They may damage our hopes for future SC games.

Hopefully it sells as well as the first one...I rly hope.