Team Fortress DLC Price Is Up To Microsoft And Sony

Kotaku writes: "Recently, Valve went on record saying that they'd like their upcoming Team Fortress 2 map pack to be free on both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, but admitted that such a situation might not be possible. Many wondered if this uncertain future was the result of EA meddling or interference from the platform holders themselves.

We contacted Valve to clarify and their VP of marketing Doug Lombardi informed us that, "The platform holder owns the final call." So just as we'd suspected, whether or not we see these maps for free is indeed up to Sony and Microsoft."

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sonarus3726d ago

If sony makes it free msoft will make it free and vice versa. But i doubt either of them will make it free when there is money to be made

longduckdong3726d ago

Yeah, Sony gives lots of stuff away free but then some stuff costs more than the typical high of 10 bucks for MS. So it's a double edge sword. But if anybody were to give it free it would be sony.

Cyrus3653726d ago

I think they gotta now that Valve has put pressure on both of them, and basically said hey we want it free, were offering it free on PC side, it's really up to MSoft and Sony if they want to offer it free or not on console side.

c-redz3726d ago

thats so lame... shouldent it be up to the company who put out the game....

skynidas3726d ago

It would be awesome if they offer it free

solar3726d ago

i get it all for free because i own the PC version. modding and custom maps are huge for online MP games. keeps them fresh and fun!

longduckdong3726d ago

if you ask a console gamer

Capt CHAOS3726d ago


Each to their own, each to their own..

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The story is too old to be commented.