Gaming's Hidden Messages

Subliminal messages? Hidden Easter Eggs? Or are you just looking for things that aren't really there? While the film world has the topless woman in The Rescuers or advertising has the suggestive image in a cube of ice in a coke ad, games have been just as controversial too. Sometimes, though, gamers have to say it's legitimate. Now, some of these are a bit creepy (and slightly unsuitable for minors), so be warned.

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c-redz3724d ago

good thing people dont have lives... they get to pick out all the stuff so i can see!!! lol

MK_Red3724d ago

LOL, nice read. Loved the Mario one.
And seriously, I didn't know about movie The Rescuers' nudity...

MaximusPrime3723d ago

that sonic and mario rewind video. LOL

undacovabrothe3723d ago

The uncharted 1 really got me that cant be what it really says lol. If it is its hilarious. I didnt remeber any stones in spanish like that but it was awhile ago since I beat it.

Eclipticus3723d ago

i remember looking at that stone, both me and my girlfriend were wondering if it actually said anything.

Ri0tSquad3723d ago (Edited 3723d ago )

Crazy stuff.

ROFl @ the Uncharted one. So messed up.

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