Gamertell Quick Review: Mabinogi

From the Review: "Mabinogi is so good, I would pay to play it. Normally I frown on pay-for-play MMOs, especially if you have to initially buy the $39.99+ game. I always feel as though the owner is being ripped off, having to pay to play a game they just spent so much on. However Mabinogi's quality and experience makes me question my thinking. Thankfully it is a free-to-play MMORPG, and quite possibly the best free MMORPG I have ever seen."

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JoelR3752d ago

Any MMO that allows you to level without combat for once is a serious innovation and the cute factor on this game is out of this world...
If you have a Wife, Girlfriend, Sister and they are not playing MMOs. Introduce them to this game.

And it still is fun for guys!