GCN: Condemned 2: Bloodshot Review for the Xbox 360

Gaming Console Network reviews Condemned 2: Bloodshot for the Xbox 360. Condemned 2: Bloodshot offers up a very good story, very good graphics, very good gameplay and a very fun & somewhat dark and disturbing ride into madness. Fans of the horror genre will definitely like this game.

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TheWickedOne3508d ago

Went to EB today to buy the PS3 version. It's not out yet. The game looks great, i'll get it next week.

ASSASSYN 36o3508d ago

Shouldn't you sony boys be used to that by now?

TheWickedOne3508d ago

I can wait one week. Not a big deal. I have this thing called patience.

Anyways, this is just something to keep me busy until RE5 comes out.

skitzoid3508d ago (Edited 3508d ago )

Actually I have MS to thank for being able to handle waiting. Waiting on my 360 to come back from repairs since I have had several being a person that has 3 360 units in my home and a couple of them have been through multiple failures.

Back on topic.
This is definitely a game for me. I love playing survival horror games. Since I also dig achievements I will most likely rent it for the 360.

games4fun3508d ago

i cant help but commend you for your patience i think its the difference between the people who bought a 360 early and act as if hardware problems are a small price to pay and a person who buys a ps3 knowing all the games that go with the ps brand and can patiently wait for the good exclusives that have always delivered i learned early since final fantasy to wait patiently the waits worth it.

@ass360 you are obviously new to gaming only someone new would think that waiting isn't involved when it comes to gaming. We are always waiting for a new game to come. every console has a slow start in fact i am surprised at how good the ps3 start was. usually a launch title is really horrible along with all the first year games which was the oppossite last year imo

Sayai jin3508d ago

That sucks bout your 360, whats you gamertag?

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pp3508d ago

why have i been resticted to comment on gamer zone.i have done nothing wrong.who's running n4g (sony)

Martini3508d ago

Hahaha don't worry all the cool people hang out in the open zone, I've got 2 days remaining on my sentence for calling obvious sony troll (trolling in a 360 article) a troll.


LOL. I think it's pretty obvious who "runs" this site: a bunch of worthless droids. Yeah, they've run this site strait into the ground! And this bubble system is f*cking pathetic. N4G needs to get rid of that. Nice test for a beta, but time to let that crap go. It sucks. The only people with lots of bubbles are the pathetic scum sucking droids. All the Xbutts have no bubbles. It's a sham. a pathetic sham. N4G sucks.

DragonKnight3507d ago

What's wrong, don't like the fact that your Xbot rants can't be heard ad nauseum?

BTW, this was directed to GETPWNZORED, but works for any Xbots that get offended by it.

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undacovabrothe3508d ago

at you guys thinking that Sony fans are out to get you. If it makes u guys feel any better my other acc got banned for no reason and still dont know why its banned and I am a sony fan.

Martini3508d ago

You should be banned for the rest of your online life for having avatar like that hahaha, just kidding. Wasn't that a movie ? undercover brother sounds familiar.

ambientFLIER3508d ago

Maybe because you aren't supposed to have more than one account???


This is by far the greatest game ever made. Everyone MUST own this game. And you droids can buy the watered-down version with crappier graphics and no AA when it gets undelayed next month. Trust me. BUY THIS GAME!!! NO game is as good as this. Bioshock comes close. That's how good this game is. WHY THE HELL AREN'T PPL TALKING ABOUT IT? IT'S THAT DAMN GOOD! DAMN IDIOT GAME "JOURNALISTS"!!

ambientFLIER3508d ago

Don't forget framerate problems.

DragonKnight3507d ago

No one cares. Also, you keep saying "________ is the greatest game ever made!!"

First it was Ocarina of Time, then Cogs of War, then Bioshock, then Halo 3, then Mass Effect, then COD4, then back to Cogs of War again, Half-Life should be thrown in their somewhere too, then back to Cogs of War again, and now Condemned 2.

When Cogs of War 2 comes out, you'll be saying it's the greatest game ever. *Sigh*

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