Digital Foundry - Assassin's Creed vs. PlayStation Vita

The behind-the-scenes story on squeezing the AC3 engine into Sony's handheld - Eurogamer

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NukaCola1803d ago

Liberation was an awesome game. I'm really close to the platinum but them damn online trophies take forever just grinding.

etownone1803d ago

Awesome game?

Game sucked, couldn't wait for it to be over.
And I bought my Vita for this game.

Neckbear1803d ago

I have it because it came with the white Vita. I agree, the game's just terrible. I liked AC2, at the very least, but the framerate and the gameplay in this one was awful.

cpayne931803d ago

Disagree with both of you, I thought the game was decent. Voice acting, story, and framerate were all below the normal AC standards, but the game has the AC gameplay in there. I thought it was pretty fun , probably would give it a 7.

Y_51501803d ago

I didn't get the multiplayer at all, does it suck?
I liked the game but since I fell below the map I haven't played it since. :P

Skate-AK1803d ago

The multiplayer is bad. It's just like a click Facebook game.

H4all1803d ago

i see the bright future of the vita...
really love it since first day brought it..

WeAreLegion1803d ago

Best game in the series, IMO.

ps3vita4life1803d ago (Edited 1803d ago )

Ubisoft sofia seems like a really talented developer :) I really hope that there is a new assassin's creed for the vita this year because liberation was awesome!! I have a feeling this holiday season will be a great one for the vita with all the titles being released.

Williamson1803d ago

The game had some flaws but I ended up enjoying it more than Ac3. This game along with others shows how console quality titles have found a home on the vita, and I'm sure the next AC game on the vita will be way better.

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