OXM: Star Wars: Force Unleashed Preview

Indeed, everything OXM saw of Force Unleashed suggested a broad story with deep, compelling ties to the Star Wars universe. You'll even have a love interest in the form of Juno Eclipse, an Imperial pilot who shuttles you around between missions. Redemption, says LucasArts, is a central theme in your character's story; will Juno help you in that process, or stand in your way? OXM are eager to find out - almost as eager as they are to hurl TIE fighters and fling Force Lightning like a true Jedi unleashed.

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M1am1U3692d ago

this game wasn't pushed back until September. *sigh*

mintaro3692d ago

if only my friend......if only......

longduckdong3692d ago

if the Star Wars TV show that's coming out will include any characters from this game?