What We Could Have Expected From Battlefront 3

We take a look at the new and old gameplay footage, screenshots, concept art and features of the cancelled Star Wars Battlefront 3.

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Bladesfist1923d ago

I don't even want to read, too sad :(

Shacojin1923d ago (Edited 1923d ago )

Disney should pay DICE to develop Star Wars Battlefront 3 using the FROSTBITE 3 Engine

1923d ago
Lisica1923d ago

Yeah, so we could play Call of Duty Star Wars.

Dice is not a good option.

USMC_POLICE1923d ago (Edited 1923d ago )

I think your confusing dice/ea with treyarch/Activision

Lisica1923d ago

What's the difference? Dice, Activision, Treyarch...

Same generic shooters.

Shacojin1923d ago

You must have meant Treyarch.. they make COD... DICE makes Battlefield

Skate-AK1923d ago

He meant that's DICE tries to turn all their shooters into COD. He's just trollin.

Lisica1923d ago (Edited 1923d ago )

We'll se who's trollin, Dice or me.

aliengmr1923d ago (Edited 1923d ago )

I'm not sure that Disney is that worried about the violence in Star Wars and I'm pretty certain that that isn't the reason 1313 was axed. The violence in Star Wars isn't beyond what Disney has released in the past.

That said, a couple of things to consider:

1. The movies 7, 8, and 9 are being made. An entirely new timeline. All the cancellations Disney has been doing could be part of a massive reboot along with taking control of the license. Point is, until Disney actually does something with the license we shouldn't assume its dead.

2. As a gaming franchise Star Wars is still strong and with a good investment will make money.

3. Battlefront 3 could have given LucasArts a great chance to make money and decided not to. I simply cannot understand how one decides to not make BF3 the #1 priority. Even if the studio developing it wasn't meeting deadlines, or whatever was happening, and had to cancel it, why start an entirely new IP like 1313?

I haven't decided if Disney will be the end of Star Wars but LucasArts wasn't any better. Remember they canceled BF3.

I say wait until the movies are about to be released. At that point we might have a better idea about what they want to do. As it stands, I welcome the change in timeline.

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